Kali era over

Braves trade reliever Yates to Pirates | ajc.com For Todd Redmond, a righthanded control pitcher. Redmond doesn’t seem to be anything, but Yates was out of options and the Braves really couldn’t afford to keep him around. I still think Bobby misused him last year, but he was clearly not right this spring.

Vulture Era Over

The Official Site of Atlanta Braves: Official Info: Press Release: Braves acquire outfielder Josh Anderson from Houston I don’t really get this one. The Braves traded Villarreal straight-up for Anderson, who is your basic fourth-outfielder type, or what in my youth, before 13-man pitching staffs, was called a “fifth-outfielder”, or even “sixth-outfielder” type, comparable to … Continue reading “Vulture Era Over”

Teixeira trade finalized, probably

Teixeira trade finalized with Rangers | ajc.com I don’t report these things until DOB or Peanut do, but it appears to be all done but the paperwork. (Peanut weighs in here.) It’s a whole lot. The deal would include Saltalamacchia, Andrus, Matt Harrison, and an unknown prospect, apparently not Dan Smith or Thomas Hanson since … Continue reading “Teixeira trade finalized, probably”

Two clueless franchises

More open thread – Braves Journal Not that I take MLB Rumors at all seriously, but the two most clueless franchises in baseball are the Devil Rays and Pirates. I’ve dealt with the D-Rays before; they aren’t getting Chuck James. They always overreach in trades, and this tendency did not begin with Scott Kazmir; that … Continue reading “Two clueless franchises”