Other outfield possibilities

Josh Anderson seems extremely likely to make the team, even though he’s not any good. The Braves are likely to carry only one backup outfielder, so they’ll need one who can play center. Anderson has a career .337 OBP on the minor league level, and that’s his strength as a hitter. His slugging percentage is … Continue reading “Other outfield possibilities”

Other relief possibilities

Everyone says that Manny Acosta is at least pencilled into the bullpen, but I can’t see that he he has it made. The Braves have a lot of guys who are out of options, and while Acosta pitched well last year he wasn’t a revelation or anything. Struck out 22 in 23 2/3 innings, which … Continue reading “Other relief possibilities”

Will Ohman

30 year old LOOGY, pitched poorly last year but fairly well in the role in 2006, very well in 2005. LOOGYing is a tough job, which doesn’t mean it’s not basically a stupid one. Most of the players you face in crucial situations are either outstanding lefthanded hitters or pinch-hitters, though the short benches caused … Continue reading “Will Ohman”