The Braves Rebuild: Outgoing vs. Incoming Value, Part 3: 2015-16 Offseason

We’ve covered the first 2 pieces of the series, “The Braves Rebuild: Outgoing vs. Incoming Value”. Today’s piece will focus on the trades made in the 2015-16 offseason. There’s a “big win” trade in here, as well as a trade … Finish Reading

Atlanta Braves Infield: Best of the 10 for 10’s

I bet you thought that the 10 for 10’s series was over, eh? Like Jose Constanza stealing at-bats from Jason Heyward, we are going to steal your attention for 5 more segments. In the next week (or so), we … Finish Reading

10 For 10’s: The 2014 Atlanta Braves Season (and new 3 Flags Flying Podcast)

Note from Ryan: Brent and I recorded a pop-up podcast discussing the Josh Donaldson signing and where to go from there. Give it a listen, eh?

Coming off a 96-73 2013 season with a core, for the most part, in … Finish Reading