No. 38: Lonnie Smith

Righthanded Hitting, Righthanded Throwing Outfielder Seasons With Braves: 1988-1992 Stats With Braves: .291/.380/.456, 46 HR 207 RBI 256 RS Alas, poor Lonnie. He had his best years with the Braves right before they got good, then got a lot of mostly undeserved blame for the World Series loss in 1991. Though they were completely different … Continue reading “No. 38: Lonnie Smith”

No. 39: Jeff Burroughs

Righthanded Hitting, Righthanded Throwing Outfielder Seasons With Braves: 1977-1980 Stats With Braves: .268/.377/.472, 88 HR 289 RBI 247 RS Jeff Burroughs was the top overall pick in the 1970 draft by the then Senators and was in the majors later that year, though he didn’t stick for good until 1973, by which time the team … Continue reading “No. 39: Jeff Burroughs”

No. 40: Gary Matthews

Righthanded hitting, Righthanded Throwing Outfielder Seasons With Braves: 1977-1980 Stats With Braves: .288/.354/.456, 81 HR 291 RBI 340 R Gary Matthews was one of the first generation of baseball free agents, coming to Atlanta in 1977 after four-plus seasons in San Francisco (the free agency eligibility rules were different then) where he’d won the Rookie … Continue reading “No. 40: Gary Matthews”

No. 41: Claudell Washington

Lefthanded Hitting, Lefthanded Throwing Outfielder Seasons With Braves: 1981-1986 Stats With Braves: .278/.339/.435, 67 HR, 279 RBI, 347 R. So, I guess Robert wins… I originally didn’t consider Claudell a candidate, but looking at it, he was the only player who had (a) an above-average offensive career with the Braves, and (b) a career of … Continue reading “No. 41: Claudell Washington”

No. 42: Charlie Leibrandt

Lefthanded Pitcher Seasons With Braves: 1990-92 Stats With Braves: 39-31, 3.35 ERA I’ve written about Charlie at length before, but at the risk of repeating myself… Leibrandt was a rare hometown (or at least homestate) boy who got away from the Reds; after drafting him out of Miami University, they traded him to the Royals, … Continue reading “No. 42: Charlie Leibrandt”

No. 43: Cecil Upshaw

Righthanded Pitcher Seasons with Braves: 1966-69; 1971-73 Stats with Braves: 30-26, 78 Svs, 3.01 ERA Cecil Upshaw presents evidence that the Braves’ closer role has always been cursed, and that I am wrong in blaming Gene Garber for hexing the bullpen. I don’t even know that the “closer” term was being used at the time. … Continue reading “No. 43: Cecil Upshaw”

No. 44: Steve Bedrosian

Righthanded Pitcher Seasons With Braves: 1981-85; 1993-95 Stats With Braves: 40-45, 41 Svs, 3.26 ERA I don’t know… Maybe Bedrock is too low, maybe he shouldn’t be on here at all. The question here, as I see it, is whether I’m worried about how well he played for the Braves (very well, until the end) … Continue reading “No. 44: Steve Bedrosian”

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves: Introduction

I meant to do a “Greatest Atlanta Braves” last offseason but I didn’t get around to it. This series is going to be irregular, depending upon time, but I hope to finish it before the season begins. The rule is that a player must have spent a significant amount of time with the Atlanta Braves, … Continue reading “The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves: Introduction”

Keltner List of the Day

The Keltner List was developed by Bill James as a device to evaluate a player’s Hall of Fame candidacy. In The Politics of Glory James says that it is probably his favorite tool to do that. (You can read about the background in that book, or do a Google search, for further information.) So let’s … Continue reading “Keltner List of the Day”