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Sponsorships: General Information – Baseball-Reference.com I’m going to buy me a text ad on Baseball Reference. It’s a good cause and could get me a few more hits. I love enlightened self-interest. Anyway, I am throwing it out to the readers: what player should I sponsor? Obviously it should be a Brave. And it can’t … Continue reading “Sponsorships: General Information – Baseball-Reference.com”

ESPN.com – MLB – Recap

ESPN.com – MLB – Recap – Rockies at Braves – 08/18/2002 Another bad game, 6-3 Rockies. It was 2-2 going to the middle innings, both pitchers (Maddux for the Braves, Jason Jennings for the Rockies) walking a tightrope. The Braves really should have broken the game open in the second, but a Jennings more or … Continue reading “ESPN.com – MLB – Recap”

ESPN.com – MLB – Recap

ESPN.com – MLB – Recap – Rockies at Braves – 08/17/2002 Ugh. Jason Marquis, as I feared, didn’t have his best stuff, and gave up five first inning runs. Then it started raining, but that didn’t save the Braves, who eventually lost 10-3. There haven’t been many losses like that this year. Bobby and Leo … Continue reading “ESPN.com – MLB – Recap”

SportingNews.com – Baseball : Atlanta’s

SportingNews.com – Baseball : Atlanta’s postseason flops are not just slip-ups This story blames the Braves’ postseason “failures” (gosh, they have a winning record overall and in series) on the lack of a Closer™. Now, it’s not completely bogus. If the Braves had had someone like Mariano Rivera, they probably would have won in 1992 … Continue reading “SportingNews.com – Baseball : Atlanta’s”

August 15, 2002 – The

August 15, 2002 – The Zumsteg Plan Here’s another Baseball Prospectus article, this one with a revenue sharing plan that has “no chance”. At any rate, I like it. Interestingly, the Braves are one of only two teams (with the Marlins) which wouldn’t wind up paying money or getting paid money. Let’s just say that … Continue reading “August 15, 2002 – The”