August 20, 2002 – Greatest

August 20, 2002 – Greatest Living Pitcher: Running the Numbers to Settle the Argument And then running the numbers again and again to make sure the answer is neither “Greg Maddux” or “Warren Spahn”. Not that I’m charging bias, but there seems to be some sort of sabermetric imperative to prove that Clemens is/was greater … Continue reading “August 20, 2002 – Greatest”

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Sponsorships: General Information – I’m going to buy me a text ad on Baseball Reference. It’s a good cause and could get me a few more hits. I love enlightened self-interest. Anyway, I am throwing it out to the readers: what player should I sponsor? Obviously it should be a Brave. And it can’t … Continue reading “Sponsorships: General Information –” – MLB – Recap – MLB – Recap – Rockies at Braves – 08/18/2002 Another bad game, 6-3 Rockies. It was 2-2 going to the middle innings, both pitchers (Maddux for the Braves, Jason Jennings for the Rockies) walking a tightrope. The Braves really should have broken the game open in the second, but a Jennings more or … Continue reading “ – MLB – Recap” – MLB – Recap – MLB – Recap – Rockies at Braves – 08/17/2002 Ugh. Jason Marquis, as I feared, didn’t have his best stuff, and gave up five first inning runs. Then it started raining, but that didn’t save the Braves, who eventually lost 10-3. There haven’t been many losses like that this year. Bobby and Leo … Continue reading “ – MLB – Recap” – Baseball : Atlanta’s – Baseball : Atlanta’s postseason flops are not just slip-ups This story blames the Braves’ postseason “failures” (gosh, they have a winning record overall and in series) on the lack of a Closer™. Now, it’s not completely bogus. If the Braves had had someone like Mariano Rivera, they probably would have won in 1992 … Continue reading “ – Baseball : Atlanta’s”