Is Cox the greatest manager

Is Cox the greatest manager ever? The Guru, Bill James, says even nicer things about Bobby than I did. (Thanks, Andrew.) I don’t know that I’d say he’s the best manager ever, but I do think Bobby has been wildly underrated. In many ways the manager he most resembles is Joe McCarthy, derided as the … Continue reading “Is Cox the greatest manager” – MLB – Recap – MLB – Recap – Giants at Braves – 10/07/2002 Nothing much to say, really. The Giants got some big hits, the Braves didn’t, and the season’s over. Barry Bonds singled and scored, and later homered, and maybe the vultures will finally leave him alone. Well, for a few days. Kevin Millwood pitched well, … Continue reading “ – MLB – Recap”

The Bullpen: Alex’s Corner By

The Bullpen: Alex’s Corner By Alex R. Bobby Must Retire As expected, Alex takes exception to my column. (And JR did too, in the comments.) Alex actually says he didn’t read the column, so he could just let go with his emotions. He should have, because I address many of his points there. (He’s … Continue reading “The Bullpen: Alex’s Corner By”