Really good baseball team beats not very good baseball team 9-5

It went the way we all knew it was going to go, and that in it of itself is just frustrating.

The Los Angeles Dodgers kept chugging along doing exactly what they have all season, and unfortunately the Atlanta Braves … Finish Reading

All that and ragging on Chip: Braves 5, Potomacs 1

Having lost my bile depository over the weekend*, I thought that I could enter this week well disposed to everyone.  But I guess the lack-of-goodwill kind of bile is metaphorical, because I seem to have plenty.

I had originally written … Finish Reading

Braves Should Attempt to Void Ozuna Deal

First and foremost, baseball concerns are not the top priority when it comes to situations like the recent domestic incident involving Marcell Ozuna.

In case you’ve been under a rock, the star left fielder, who … Finish Reading