Blah Canada

Canadian slugger Larry Walker wouldn’t balk at trade to contender Supposedly, the Braves are one of the teams interest in “left-handed power”. But Larry Walker isn’t going to happen, guys. He makes way too much money and is signed through next season. Leave the injuries aside, it’s just not feasible.

Lots of minor leaguers

No Pepper — Part of the BravesBeat Network Brad is keeping up with the Braves transactions. I’ve heard about some of them but wasn’t able to find a source… The most interesting, to me, is Dave Nilsson. Nilsson, the former Brewer catcher/first baseman, has been out of American baseball for four years, mostly playing in … Continue reading “Lots of minor leaguers”

Atlanta 11, Houston 1 – MLB – Recap – Braves at Astros – 04/30/2003 We own the Astros. Fulton County or the Ted, the Astrodome or that bandbox they’re pretending is a major league ballpark, the Braves have no problems. Mike Hampton was perfect for 3 1/3 before giving up a home run, and combined with Holmes and … Continue reading “Atlanta 11, Houston 1”