The Playoffs Are a Crapshoot: Final Thoughts

If you have missed all 5 pieces in “The Playoffs are a Crapshoot” well…tough! You should’ve been reading Braves Journal more, ya twit!

Nah, just joshing. Here are the links to the first 5 parts:

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The Playoffs Are a Crapshoot, Part 3: Adjusting for Opponent Quality

Before we get to Jonathan F’s brilliance, Playoffs are a Crapshoot Part 3, Here are Notes from Matt L:

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The Playoffs Are a Crapshoot, Part 2: Basic Probability Math

If you missed the first piece in “Playoffs are a Crapshoot”, it provided a basic overview of what will be discussed and you can find it here.

There are 10 teams that make the playoffs every year, six division winners … Finish Reading

The Playoffs Are a Crapshoot, a 6-Part Series: Introduction

Playoffs are a crapshoot

It was Billy Beane in Moneyball who famously remarked, “The playoffs are a crapshoot”.  The argument goes that whatever assiduousness and craft goes into producing a winning regular season team, the outcome of the playoffs is random.  I want to … Finish Reading