On Winning — and Losing — The World Series (by AtlCrackers Fan)

With the World Series receding into the background, a few final tidbits to ponder before hibernating until spring training.

The Red Sox franchise has now captured eight World Series which moves them into 4th place for most Series won. Previously … Finish Reading

Fredi and History, August 8 Game Thread (by AtlCrackers Fan)

While the Braves prepare for their homestand against the Marlins, Phils and Senators (oops, Nationals) the winning streak has propelled Fredi Gonzalez up the franchise managerial rankings (primarily Boston guys).

These numbers are not totally comparable since seasons were shorter … Finish Reading

This Week in Southern Baseball (by AtlCrackers Fan), July 1 Open Thread

The disastrous fruits of the South Atlantic (Sally) League’s expansion from 6 to 8 teams explode with the sale of the Macon Peaches to new owners and the transfer of the Charleston Sea Dogs to Knoxville.

After the Starr brothers, … Finish Reading

This Week in Southern Baseball (by AtlCrackers Fan)

May 26, 1907

After a day’s delay, Ponce de Leon Park debuts with a 2-1 Atlanta Crackers victory over the Shreveport Pirates. Atlanta’s Pete Zellers gave up more free passes (two walks and four hit batters) than hits (four) in … Finish Reading

Former Brave Ralph Garr Named to The College Baseball Hall of Fame (by AtlCrackers Fan)

Note from Alex: hard to tell if they’ll get in a game today. So, if there is a game, this will be the game thread. Otherwise, open thread.

Those of us who were Braves fans in the early 1970’s remember … Finish Reading

This Week In Southern Baseball (by AtlCrackersFan)

April 7-12, 1905
Senior A.B. Bradsher of Trinity College (Duke Univ.) struck out 53 batters in 3 games covering 33 innings without recording a victory. Bradsher’s hurling feat started on April 8, 1905 in Macon by striking out 22 Mercer … Finish Reading