Please Welcome the New Editor of Braves Journal: Rob Cope

I wanted to announce some news: I am stepping down as editor of Braves Journal, and Rob Cope will be taking over, effective immediately. I’ve been largely absent from the site this year, as I just haven’t had the time to give to the site that I should. And Braves Journal deserves an editor who … Continue reading “Please Welcome the New Editor of Braves Journal: Rob Cope”

I wish I had good news.

And I wish there was an easier way to say it. The surgeons were unable to operate on Tuesday, because scans showed the regrowth of tumors that had been removed in July. From all appearances, the remaining cancer has entered a virulent stage. It is not likely to kill me directly; instead it will decrease … Continue reading “I wish I had good news.”

Hi there

I’m currently zonked out on morphine and percoset, and waiting an X-ray. Let’s just say that I am not currently functioning at 100 percent. Call it Snitker Mode. I also have the manual dexterity of Brooks Conrad playing short, which limits my typing. More later.

Reporting in game thread: June 20, Blue Jays at Braves

Hi, so I’m out of the hospital and in pretty good shape, all things considered. I indeed had a staph infection like Martin Prado’s, in this case MRSA, or “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus“. That is, a strain resistent to some of the most common antibiotics. I actually was prescribed the correct drug, but (tender imaginations might … Continue reading “Reporting in game thread: June 20, Blue Jays at Braves”