One Day from the First Meaningless Game of the Spring!

Well — it’s been WAY too long since I posted a new thread. Sorry about that. But spring training has started, and that’s wonderful, because it means that we’re almost about to have more BASEBALL! Mac’s traditional caveats apply: spring training doesn’t matter, blah blah blah. (Or, some of it matters sometimes, but most of it … Continue reading “One Day from the First Meaningless Game of the Spring!”

The Olivera Tragedy

This trade was a mess from the beginning. And after almost a year and a half since, time has not been kind to the evaluation. There’s the potential the trade could end up looking a little better, but that would be damning it with faint praise. It was a complicated trade that required a third … Continue reading “The Olivera Tragedy”

Someone asked for a Keltner on Andruw and I had a half day free…

Ed. note: Once a year, Mac used to write up a Keltner List for a retired Brave, as a way of debating whether he deserved to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. A few years ago, I wrote one for Kenny Lofton; two years ago, Sansho wrote one for Deacon White, who played for the Boston … Continue reading “Someone asked for a Keltner on Andruw and I had a half day free…”

Where Do We Go from Here? Introduction

So who am us, anyway? Fredi Gonzalez’s 2016 Braves were one of the worst teams that we’ve ever seen in Atlanta. Brian Snitker’s 2016 Braves were a not-very-good team with a decent number of young players who might be able to improve, and a farm system full of promising talent. Can we ignore April and … Continue reading “Where Do We Go from Here? Introduction”

Brian Snitker and the History of Partial Season Managers (by AtlCrackersFan)

When Fredi Gonzalez got fired, the Atlanta Braves record stood at 9-28, a lowly .243 winning percentage that would have ranked the team with some of the worst in franchise history. The Braves history of midseason replacement managers provides some interesting guidance about expectations. Before 2016, and including the 19th-century Boston teams, the franchise had … Continue reading “Brian Snitker and the History of Partial Season Managers (by AtlCrackersFan)”

Braves 1, Tigers 0 (by coop)

Your Cobb County Braves beat the Detroit Tigers 1-0, and the 2016 Atlanta Braves are history. Turner Field is a thing of the Braves’ past. The Braves will never play another game at the Ted. Julio Teheran pitched. Freddie Freeman drove Ender Inciarte in with a first inning sacrifice fly. Julio was nigh unhittable through … Continue reading “Braves 1, Tigers 0 (by coop)”

Braves 5, IWOTP 2

The Phillies aren’t good. They’re 70-88 this year, and over the last five years — the five years since they traded for Cliff Lee and won 102 games in 2011 — they’re 360-467. They are bad. They’re ahead of us in the standings this year, but they’re closing out the year by getting swept by us, and … Continue reading “Braves 5, IWOTP 2”