We aren’t the Champions! (Many join the humble vanquished Chukchi people).

We got ass whooped,
time after time.
Fans have been sentenced,
But committed no crimes.
Rangers and Dodgers,
with Astros and Cards,
Have had their share of sand kicked in their face
So we can now sing:

and we mean … Finish Reading

THE MILLERS TALE… Sir Shelby, art thou smiling therre belowe?

... the blocked paths form part of the pilgrim s way traversed by geoffrey

On Sunday, Shelby finally won his sixth game after 24 consecutive winless starts. Trying to worry out the Shelby conundrum it has occurred that perhaps Chaucer might show him and us the way to redemption, to at least a deeper … Finish Reading

Braves Take Two, Sweep Cards on Three Consecutive Shutouts (by coop)

Braves played two to end the season. In the first game of the doubleheader, Shelby Miller pitched eight shutout innings; and the Braves hit three home runs to beat the Cardinals 6-0. Adonis Garcia had two solo homers, and Andrelton Finish Reading