Bravesjournal’s Going to a Braves Game! July 26-28th, vs. Cardinals

I have closed the poll that I opened three weeks ago to find a date for Bravesjournal to attend a Braves game. The winning home weekend was July 26-28th, against the Cardinals. As we get closer to the date, we’ll figure out whether we want to target the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday game that weekend, … Continue reading “Bravesjournal’s Going to a Braves Game! July 26-28th, vs. Cardinals”

Where Do We Go From Here? 2012.7 Other Starting Pitching Possibilities (by W.C.G.)

Is it time to repurpose the old acronym TINSTAAPP (There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect)? Maybe what we really mean is There Is No Such Thing As A Pitcher, Period. Consider the 2012 Braves, and what their experience means going in to 2013. Starting pitching depth was a presumed strength heading into … Continue reading “Where Do We Go From Here? 2012.7 Other Starting Pitching Possibilities (by W.C.G.)”

Apparently the Braves haven’t talked to Jason about a long-term deal

From a Valentine’s Day story by Peanut: [Terry McGuirk said:] “Money is not going to stand between us and getting it done at this point because we are that close. I’m talking about [the] long term and short term. I’m talking about talent that is here and talent that isn’t here. When we are this … Continue reading “Apparently the Braves haven’t talked to Jason about a long-term deal”

Eric O’Flaherty (by sansho1)

Eric O’Flaherty in 2012 continued his reign as one of the best setup relievers in the NL, eventually being promoted to 8th-inning guy once it became clear that Jonny Venters wasn’t his usual dominant self. How good has the unassuming EOF been over the last four seasons? Here are baseball-reference rankings of NL relievers who … Continue reading “Eric O’Flaherty (by sansho1)”

Sansho1’s Amazing Braves Nickname Database

Sansho1 completed a Herculean task: he compiled a database of all of the nicknames that we’ve seen come and go in this city. Baseball-reference has many player nicknames, and others came from memory. When you look at a list like this, you get a sense of the history of baseball we’ve had in this town. … Continue reading “Sansho1’s Amazing Braves Nickname Database”

Cardinals 6, Braves 3, Season Over

And so it ends. It figures that the season would come down to (1) Bobby going a batter too long with Derek Lowe, and (2) Melky making the last out on a weak groundout to third with the tying and winning runs on base. — October 11, 2010 At a certain point, you just have … Continue reading “Cardinals 6, Braves 3, Season Over”

One-Game Playoff Game Thread: Cardinals vs. Braves

I’ve been on this earth for 28 years, and the Braves have made it to the playoffs 16 times. I’m a lucky guy. Those of you who started rooting for the Braves before I was born had a much tougher row to hoe. I think I probably took the playoffs for granted in the early … Continue reading “One-Game Playoff Game Thread: Cardinals vs. Braves”

Food for Thought

If baseball teams were Halloween candy, then here’s what I think they’d be… NL East Atlanta Braves — M&Ms Miami Marlins — Laffy Taffy New York Mets — Snickers Philadelphia Phillies — 100 Grand Washington Nationals — Junior Mints NL Central Chicago Cubs — Oh Henry Cincinnati Reds — Three Musketeers Houston Astros — Snickers … Continue reading “Food for Thought”