Not That We Care: a guide to the playoffs, part 3

Life is hard. Oh, sure, it’s easy to say “we should go kill the the Nazis!” I mean, Captain America was made to kill Nazis, right? But then you end up in this place where you have to be like, “ah, nah man; Stalin’s a totes bro. He just gets a lot of bad press from … Continue reading “Not That We Care: a guide to the playoffs, part 3”

Braves-specific predictions

All-Stars: Teixeira, Johnson, Soriano Biggest surprise: KJ (leads the league in runs) Biggest disappointment: Peter Moylan Chipper: 132 games played, .316/.409/.611, 1 DL stint Glavine: 31 starts, 13-10, 4.65 Hampton: Hurt warming up, makes three rehab starts in Rome, never actually pitches in Atlanta uniform Escobar: .300/.355/.427 Diaz: .322/.367/.486 Kotsay: 61 games, .260/.310/.380, DL in … Continue reading “Braves-specific predictions”

Annual absurd predictions

Normally I would have an “all predictions guaranteed” joke here, but I don’t have one this year. Sorry. NL EAST Atlanta Philadelphia (WC) NY Mets Washington Florida NL CENTRAL Chi Cubs St. Louis Milwaukee Pittsburgh Cincinnati Houston NL WEST Arizona Colorado San Diego LA Dodgers San Francisco NLCS Braves over DBacks MVP Mark Teixeira Cy … Continue reading “Annual absurd predictions”

Precap: Braves at Mets, Sept. 11

Instead of an animal picture, I’m going to try something new and PREcap today’s game. Yes, the events will be described before they happen! The Braves took a lead in the first. Teixeira walked with two out and McCann laced a double to left, scoring him. But after Francoeur was walked, Andruw struck out, and … Continue reading “Precap: Braves at Mets, Sept. 11”

Braves 8, Marlins 7 (10 Innings) – MLB – Box Score – Marlins at Braves Big props to the tag team of Yates and Paronto, without whom many a loss — for instance, today’s — would have been much more difficult. Leading 3-1 in the eighth, Bobby used Kali to setup again for no readily apparent reason; he allowed a … Continue reading “Braves 8, Marlins 7 (10 Innings)”