Julio Teherán: Our New Niekro? (by Ububba)

Did you know there are only 14 players from Colombia in Major-League history? Certainly, World Series hero Edgar Renteria (32.1 WAR) would be the most accomplished. But outside of him, only fellow infielder Orlando Cabrera (21.4) merits much mention. Both played for seven different clubs, and they enjoyed long, relatively lucrative careers, not to mention … Continue reading “Julio Teherán: Our New Niekro? (by Ububba)”

Freddie Freeman

Freddie Freeman earned the nickname The Offense last year, and this offseason has done nothing to make one suspect anyone will challenge him for that title for a long, long time. While the Braves have apparently shifted their attention from trying to acquire every pitcher they can get their hands on to stockpiling catchers, organizational … Continue reading “Freddie Freeman”

A Longer Note On Kelly Johnson

The Braves signed Kelly Johnson to a minor league deal last week, and though he’s not assured of anything but an invite to spring training and a chance to compete for a bench spot, we’re going to write him up here. This was supposed to be Brandon Beachy’s writeup, but that’s not happening, so we’re … Continue reading “A Longer Note On Kelly Johnson”

Craig Kimbrel: Total Dominance, Unending Questions (by Ububba)

A Scenario: It’s a Tuesday and you’re Craig Kimbrel. You haven’t warmed up in a game since last Wednesday when you helped salvage that getaway-day win in Cincy. It’s only seven weeks into the season… and you see where it’s going. The trade deadline’s still way off, but you wonder how much longer you’ll be … Continue reading “Craig Kimbrel: Total Dominance, Unending Questions (by Ububba)”

Where Do We Go From Here: Chris Johnson (by Smitty)

You could make an argument that in each of his first two years with the team, Chris Johnson’s performance has been the Braves’ biggest surprise. Chris Johnson was brought over in the Great Justin Upton Heist of 2013. The Braves felt Juan Francisco was in need of a right handed platoon partner to help replace Chipper Jones and tricked … Continue reading “Where Do We Go From Here: Chris Johnson (by Smitty)”

Phil Gosselin (by Rusty S.)

After 4 unremarkable minor league seasons, Phil Gosselin had an eye opening 2014 in his second tour at AAA Gwinnett. Gosselin, who turns 27 in October, batted .344/.379/.487 in a not insignificant 378 at bats. Promoted to Atlanta, Gosselin held his own with a .266/.310/.320 line in 128 at bats. The Braves 2010 5th round … Continue reading “Phil Gosselin (by Rusty S.)”

Christian Bethancourt (by Rusty S.)

With the signing of A.J. Pierzynski as a 3rd catcher, the Braves appear to be serious about moving Evan Gattis to left field, thus surrendering the offensive competitive advantage they have enjoyed at catcher for the past 20 years. Since 1994, apart from 2 years of Johnny Estrada, the Braves have started sluggers Javy Lopez, … Continue reading “Christian Bethancourt (by Rusty S.)”