Reid Gorecki

Reid Gorecki Minor League Statistics & History – Gorecki becomes the ninth outfielder that the Braves have tried this year, not counting Infante. It’s been that sort of year. Gorecki, like Brian Barton, who had a cup of coffee earlier this year, came out of the Cardinals organization. He was a thirteenth-round draft pick … Continue reading “Reid Gorecki”

Nate McLouth

Nate McLouth Statistics and History – Immediately steps in as the Braves’ best outfielder; he’s their third- or fourth-best position player after McCann, Chipper, and maybe Yunel, depending upon if Yunel has annoyed me recently. I haven’t seen a whole lot of him, to be honest, though when I do he seemed to be … Continue reading “Nate McLouth”

Gregor Blanco

Well, he’s back. Blanco is what he is, a natural reserve outfielder who is unfortunately still the Braves’ best solution in center and probably better than either of the corner outfielders too. His strengths as a player are his ability to draw walks, as indicated last year by his isolated on-base of .115, and speed. … Continue reading “Gregor Blanco”