Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Drafted out of high school as a sandwich pick in 2003, Jarrod showed a little power and good plate discipline in rookie ball in his first campaign. His first year in full-season ball in Rome, he played ordinary-good baseball, enough to show progress but no outstanding skill to make everyone take notice. His breakout season … Continue reading “Jarrod Saltalamacchia”

Other Relief Possibilities

Since I’ve already listed 13 pitchers, I don’t see how there’s room for anyone else unless more than one person goes, so earning your way onto the staff in spring is going to be tough. The most prominent other name is probably Joey Devine, who seemingly found himself in Mississippi last year but in very … Continue reading “Other Relief Possibilities”

Tyler Kali Yates

Ladies and Gentlemen… The Dyin’ Hawaiian, the Volcanic Disruption, the Possessor of the Pictures, the Unclutchest Pitcher of All… Tyler Kali Yates! Yates’ overall stats (50 IP, 46 K, 31 BB, 6 HR, 396 ERA) aren’t actually that bad, but his utter failure is demonstrated best by the splits, I think. He allowed six home … Continue reading “Tyler Kali Yates”

Chad Paronto

Paronto was probably the Braves’ most valuable reliever last year. That says more about the Braves’ bullpen than Paronto, but Wickman only threw 26 innings, Villarreal was used almost entirely in low-leverage situations, McBride was awful in the first half, and everyone else sucked, so that just leaves Chad. Well, I guess Wickman’s 26 innings … Continue reading “Chad Paronto”

Macay McBride

McBride was generally great in 2005 despite a 5.79 ERA; he had one bad outing and ridiculously bad luck, opposing hitters hitting almost .500 against him on balls in play. He hurt his forearm — a scary injury, since it was mysterious forearm pain that foreshadowed Hampton’s eventual elbow surgery — in spring of 2006. … Continue reading “Macay McBride”