Sean’s working on the 2002 stats

Mike Hampton Statistics – Just taking a look… Mike was a genuinely outstanding pitcher from 1998 to mid-2001, an ordinary pitcher most of the rest of his career. (Remember, the Astrodome was a terrific pitcher’s park.) On the other hand, he was a kid, and a kid who can pitch ordinary baseball in the … Continue reading “Sean’s working on the 2002 stats”

Bobby is MLB – Baker great, but not the greatest Rob Neyer says that Bobby Cox is “clearly” the greatest manager in the game today. Commence shouting. This should have been up a couple of days ago except I have strained my back and until today couldn’t sit for more than a couple of minutes.

Who needs Leo?

October 22, 2002 – Prospectus Q&A: Dr. Mike Marshall (Part Two) “There’s only one really great manager of pitching that I’ve seen thus far in the time I’ve followed baseball, that knows the pitcher should be removed after the third time through the lineup, except in rare circumstances. That’s Greg Maddux.”