Inevitable loss game thread: May 15, D-Backs at Braves

Sure, the D-Backs have a bad record, but the Braves have a .500 record, and as established, the Braves are never getting over .500.

Meanwhile, a little bit of writing from me. I’m hardly an expert on the draft, though … Finish Reading

Off-day open thread: If you erase the quotes they were never said!

Sabernomics » Blog Archive » More Francoeur Quote Mischief?
Sabernomics » Blog Archive » Where Did the Frenchy Quotes Go?

JC is looking into the peculiar scrubbing of Jeff Francoeur quotes from the AJC articles covering his demotion and recall. … Finish Reading

Open thread and links for an inexplicable off-day

Ha-ha!I don’t want to write a joke here. Anyway, this here (thanks to Braves14) is pretty great:

The Baseball Analysts: Just How Good Is Chipper Jones?

Ha! Take that, BP! And here’s Craig: