Live! From Kansas City!

ANNOUNCER: From Kansas City, it’s the Jeff Francoeur show, starring Jeff Francoeur! I’m your announcer, Melky Cabrera, and tonight, Jeff’s guests are: Miley Cyrus! Verne Troyer! And The Baseball Project! And now, stand and cheer, here’s Jeffy! [AUDIENCE GIVES FIVE MINUTE STANDING OVATION] Jeff Francoeur: Thanks, thanks everybody. I know I deserve it, but it’s … Continue reading “Live! From Kansas City!”

Melky, Bête Noire

I have realized that Melky Cabrera has, in one short season, reached a standard previously only reached by Dan Kolb and Jeff Francoeur. He has moved beyond Whipping Boy status to become the official Braves Journal Bête Noire. This means that insults and jokes about this player may pop up in any circumstance, no matter … Continue reading “Melky, Bête Noire”

To blog or not to blog

“So Mac,” people ask me, “What do you wonder about Jeff Francoeur?” Then I say, “Well, I look upon him as a figure of tragedy. What if Jeff Francoeur were Hamlet?” And they say, “Well, it would probably be a much shorter play.” And I think, they’re probably right. Franclet Prince of Lilburn A Tragedy … Continue reading “To blog or not to blog”