What Miserable Braves Playoff Loss are YOU? BONUS THREAD: Hope.

So, it’s just a bit outside my arbitrarily-defined time frame, but this did happen not quite 18 years ago…



And if you were reading closely, you’d note that my odds of various miserable … Finish Reading

What Miserable Braves Playoff Loss are YOU? #4: The Ambush, September 23 Game Thread (by W.C.G.)

Ed. note: This is the second in a series of posts by W.C.G. that is predicated on something Mac used to say: “I’ve mentioned before that I have a low opinion of hope, which normally plays you false.” Or, Finish Reading

GARETH BALE – how the other half lives, and trades… GAME THREAD


the lovely Lady of Shallot

is she for sale or is she not?

well, certainly my friend

but then that might depend

how many euros have you got?



One hundred and thirty … Finish Reading

GAME THREAD…Craig Kimbrel – who are they/we kidding? A polemic. August 30 Game Thread.

Lysergical acid was dropped
as aging relievers are shopped
confusing the viewer
and certain to skewer
his judgment if ever they’ve flopped.



on the more serious matter of extensions and the like…

the … Finish Reading

Shea memory…my day in the dugout, not… August 21 Game Thread

another Shea memory, prompted by Ububba’s thread…

sometime in the late seventies Davey Johnson, technically, worked for me…he was retired as a player and not yet a ML manager but it was obviously coming…he … Finish Reading

Remembering Skip Caray, August 4 Game Thread (by ‘Rissa)

Editor’s note: This should have gone up yesterday, the fifth anniversary of Skip Caray’s death. I apologize for not putting it up sooner.

“Like lambs to the slaughter, the Braves take the field.” For many Braves fans in the ’70s … Finish Reading