Unit Recap – Bench

One thing clearly apparent from the playoff series against the Dodgers is that the Braves bench has a long way to go to be playoff quality. While the Dodgers were at various times bringing the likes of Max Muncy, Joc Pederson, Yasiel Puig, Chris Taylor, and Brian Dozier off their bench, the Braves were reduced … Continue reading “Unit Recap – Bench”

Unit Recap — The Staff

There is a proverb that goes like this: Rabbi Simcha Bunim taught that every person should carry two pieces of paper, one in each pocket: in one pocket “For me the world was created.” and in the other “I am but dust and ashes.” When we have moments of self loathing take out the first; … Continue reading “Unit Recap — The Staff”

Unit Recap – Outfielders

Boy, did we have a weird outfield last year. The right fielder played like an MVP candidate for half the season and then like Nick Markakis in the next half, the centerfielder played like BJ Upton for half the season but would end up close to his career averages, and the left fielder played like … Continue reading “Unit Recap – Outfielders”

Offseason Outlook Part 2 – Ottavino, Kimbrel, Greinke, Kershaw, Corbin, and Iglesias

As mentioned in Part 1, there are still plenty of needs on the pitching side. By my count, there are currently 12 starting pitchers in the organization who could factor into the rotation at some point in 2019: Mike Foltynewicz, Sean Newcomb, Kevin Gausman, Julio Teheran, Touki Toussaint, Mike Soroka, Max Fried, Kyle Wright, Luiz … Continue reading “Offseason Outlook Part 2 – Ottavino, Kimbrel, Greinke, Kershaw, Corbin, and Iglesias”

Braves Offseason Outlook, Part 1 – Harper, Machado, Pollock, Realmuto, Pollock, and Donaldson

You’ve already heard at length how much the team exceeded expectations this year. They improved their win total by a whopping 18 games to go from 72-90 to 90-72. They needed several rookies and young players to hit all at once, and in some ways, that’s exactly what happened. From the 2017 roster, more players … Continue reading “Braves Offseason Outlook, Part 1 – Harper, Machado, Pollock, Realmuto, Pollock, and Donaldson”

14 days, 372 comments later

Let’s new-thread. Here. I’ll provide a conversation starter via Peanut: “With his first significant move as the Braves GM, Anthopoulos cleaned the lingering mess from the Olivera trade, which was fueled by Blakeley and Coppolella. Hart didn’t like that deal from day one. Blakeley was determined to get Olivera after not signing him.”

Where Do We Go From Here? Position Summary

Since the series began, we’ve hired a new GM and lived through the Acoppolypse.  For your shopping convenience, here’s an overview of the position players in one shot.  First, a brief look at where we (think) we know we’re going, followed by a summary of my earlier thoughts on the question marks. Freddie Freeman turned 28 in September, … Continue reading “Where Do We Go From Here? Position Summary”

Where Do We Go From Here? Outfield

The Incumbents The incumbents should be familiar; they are the same incumbents as last season – Matt Kemp, Ender Inciarte, and Nick Markakis. In his 3 seasons as the Braves right fielder Nick Markakis has hit 24 home runs in 2040 plate appearances.  This seems like a potential area for improvement. Markakis turns 34 on the 17th of November, and although … Continue reading “Where Do We Go From Here? Outfield”

Where Do We Go From Here? Shortstop

The Incumbent Dansby Swanson played 142 games at shortstop for the Braves in 2017, interrupted by a July demotion to AAA Gwinnett, at which point he was hitting .213.  Swanson only got 11 games at AAA (batting .237) before a Johan Camargo knee injury prompted his recall.  He finished 2017 with a batting average of .232, which … Continue reading “Where Do We Go From Here? Shortstop”