#36: Ender Inciarte

This will serve as sort of a player preview for 2019 as well, but Ender also has found him amongst the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves. Ender wasn’t exactly the headliner of the trade from our side — that distinction belonged to Dansby Swanson, the #1 pick in the draft the previous year — but Ender … Continue reading “#36: Ender Inciarte”

#38: Jonny Venters

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. I repent. He was originally not on this list, but Alex Remington has shown me my erroneous ways. Jonny Venters belongs on this list. First off, Venters is going on his 5th season with Atlanta as of this writing. And being only 34, he could conceivably spend more seasons … Continue reading “#38: Jonny Venters”

#26: Julio Teheran

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. When this list was created, we just weren’t quite as reactionary. You can thank Twitter and Facebook and other sites that beg for your immediate hot take. And I wonder if you’re reading this saying that Julio Teheran is not one of the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, let … Continue reading “#26: Julio Teheran”

44 Greatest Atlanta Braves

While I love me some Mac Thomason, I found myself in stark disagreement with some of his original list. So it’s been re-worked quite a bit. And since the time Mac made the list and then bledsoe did a great job updating it, Venters, O’Flaherty, Inciarte, and Teheran have made their way onto the list. … Continue reading “44 Greatest Atlanta Braves”

#29: Andrelton Simmons (by bledsoe)

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. No. 41: Andrelton Simmons RH Hitting, RH Throwing Shortstop Braves Seasons: 2012-2015 .256/.304/.362, 31 HR, 168 RBI, 197 RS, 85 OPS+ Some will think this is low. But Simmons just eked out the minimum three full seasons this past year, and if this were based solely on offensive … Continue reading “#29: Andrelton Simmons (by bledsoe)”

#43: Martin Prado (by bledsoe)

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. No. 42: Martin Prado RH Hitting, RH Throwing Infielder/Outfielder Braves Seasons: 2006-2012 .295/.345/.435, 52 HR, 286 RBI, 355 RS, 109 OPS+ In a 2007 update to the 44, Mac opined that if he redid the list, Jeff Francoeur would likely have to fall in in the thirties somewhere. … Continue reading “#43: Martin Prado (by bledsoe)”

#35: Jason Heyward (by bledsoe)

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. Jason Heyward LH Hitting, LH Throwing Outfielder Braves Seasons: 2010-2014 .262/.351/.429, 84 HR, 292 RBI, 367 RS, 63 SB, 114 OPS+ The Braves legend on Jay-Hey is that they identified him as a stud as a teenager in Atlanta metro travel leagues and successfully salted him away from … Continue reading “#35: Jason Heyward (by bledsoe)”

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #29: Freddie Freeman (by bledsoe)

No. 29: Freddie Freeman Braves Seasons: 2010-2014 LH Hitting, RH Throwing First Baseman .285/.366/.466; 104 HR, 424 RBI, 405 RS, 129 OPS+ I simply love this guy. Frederick Charles Freeman came to the Braves from Orange County, California, taken in the second round of the draft in 2007. After hitting well at all levels through … Continue reading “The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #29: Freddie Freeman (by bledsoe)”

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #22: Craig Kimbrel (by bledsoe)

No. 22: Craig Kimbrel Braves Seasons: 2010-2014 Right-handed Relief Pitcher 15-10; ERA 1.43, WHIP 0.903, 186 SV, 289 IP A comet. It is difficult to overstate how good this guy was. He blew away Smoltz’s club record for saves in 3 ½ seasons, leading the league in saves each year. In 2012, he had 42 … Continue reading “The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #22: Craig Kimbrel (by bledsoe)”