LEFT BEHIND NO. 13 Mike Stanton


Mike Stanton.jpgLefthanded Relief Pitcher
Seasons with Braves: 1989-95
Career Stats with Braves: 18-21, ERA 4.01, 289.7 IP, 55 SV, 223 SO

Mike Stanton was a hardthrowing lefthanded minor league centerfielder whom the Braves took a … Finish Reading

LEFT BEHIND NO. 12: Kerry Ligtenberg


Kerry Ligtenberg.jpgRighthanded Reliever
Seasons with Braves: 1997-2002
Career Stats with Braves: 12-12, ERA 3.04, 266.7 IP, 44 SV, 256 SO

Kerry Ligtenberg had the best sideburns of any reliever since the 70s’ Oakland Athletics. … Finish Reading

LEFT BEHIND NO. 10: Earl Williams


earl williams.jpgRighthanded Hitting, Righthanded Throwing C/1B/3B
Seasons with Braves: 1970-72, 1975-76
Career Stats with Braves: .251/.321/.437, 81 HR, 255 RBI, 200 RS

Earl Williams won Rookie of the Year for the Braves in 1971 by … Finish Reading

LEFT BEHIND NO. 9: John Rocker


John Rocker.gifLefthanded Reliever
Seasons with Braves: 1998-2001
Career Stats with Braves: 8-12, IP 195.3, ERA 2.63, 83 SV, 259 SO

This is an omission, I presume, due to Mac’s distaste for this particular player. I … Finish Reading

LEFT BEHIND No. 7: Pascual “Perimeter” Perez


pascual perez.jpgRighthanded Starting Pitcher
Braves Seasons: 1982-85
Braves Career Stats: 34-33, 601.6 IP, 3.91 ERA

At No. 6, the Left Behinders select Otis Nixon. See Sam’s fine writeup, below. Otis was absolutely a key … Finish Reading

Left Behind No. 5: Greg McMichael


greg mcmichael.jpgRighthanded Reliever
Seasons with Braves:1993-96, 2000
Career Stats with Braves:18-14, 44 SV, 334 IP, 2.96 ERA, 1.21 WHIP

Greg’s omission from the Immortals is, I think, due to the short shrift middle relievers get … Finish Reading

Left Behind 4: Brian Jordan

Bledsoe again…

Brian Jordan.jpgRighthanded hitting, Righthanded Throwing Outfielder
Seasons with Braves 1999-2001, 2005-6
Career Stats with Braves: .274/.331/.442, 71 HR, 323 RBI, 289 RS

Mac says that Jordan was one of his last cuts. That was … Finish Reading

Left Behind 3: Ken Johnson

Bledsoe again…

Ken Johnson.jpgRighthanded Pitcher
Seasons with Braves: 1965-69
Career Stats with Braves: 45-34, 769 IP, 3.22 ERA, .570 WP, 1.17 WHIP

A journeyman pitcher with excellent control, Ken Johnson was one of the Braves’ stalwarts … Finish Reading