NLCS Game 5: Dodgers Extend Series With 7-3 Win; Now What?

You can spin this however you want it. Actually, you can spin it however your brain will allow you to. That might be a more accurate depiction of the situation. 

For almost the entire postseason, there has been nothing but … Finish Reading

OK, Maybe a Little Tense, But I’ll Take It: Braves 8, Dodgers 7, Lead NLCS 2-0

Ho hum.  Another postseason game, another Braves postseason victory. Up two-zip in the NLCS, and they have won all 7 of their postseason games.

But the Fox announcers after the game were talking about how the Dodgers have the momentum … Finish Reading

Bob Marley leads the Indigenous Peoples on their Special Day: Braves 5 (that’s right, dammit), La La Land 1

Bob Marley : “Stir it up.” And thus the Indigenous Persons, aggrieved from years of encroaching urbanization (trolley dodgers) were able to assert dominance.

Reggie Jackson: “I am the stick that stirs the drink.”

Franklin … Finish Reading