Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Dansby Swanson

In continuing our extension candidate series, we look at a player that has shown spurts of greatness but hasn’t broken through. Today’s Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate, Dansby Swanson. Background on Dansby Swanson This is a hard one because we don’t really know who Dansby Swanson is, still, and his arb years are quickly ticking off. … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Dansby Swanson”

Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Max Fried

Firmly planted in the number 2 spot in the Braves 2019 rotation was today’s Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate Max Fried. I’m not sure anybody expected him to step into the role quite as seamlessly as he did, but it was no doubt a happy surprise. Max Fried’s Background The 7th overall pick in the 2012 … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Max Fried”

Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Brian Snitker

When looking at contracts and extension candidates, we often forget about the ones making the on field decisions. With that in mind, today’s Atlanta Braves extension candidate is none other than manager Brian Snitker, the (sometimes) mustached (always) loyal man in the captain’s chair. Brian Snitker’s Background If you know anything about the Braves, you … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Brian Snitker”

Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Mike Soroka

Maple Maddux aka M-m-m-Mike Soroka, as my daughter affectionately calls him, was the Atlanta Braves ace of the 2019 season. Pitching to a 4 or 5.6 WAR, depending on your choice between B-ref or Fangraph’s evaluations, the 22 year old is the subject of today’s piece, Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Mike Soroka. Mike Soroka’s Background … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Mike Soroka”

Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Freddie Freeman

Today we will explore Atlanta Braves extension candidate Freddie Freeman. The cornerstone of the franchise and a guy that loves the Braves, it would be great to lock Freddie up long term. He has stated many times before that he wants to be a lifelong Brave and there’s no reason why the franchise shouldn’t keep … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Freddie Freeman”

Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Cristian Pache

Yesterday, we ended our 2019 Atlanta Braves Player Review series and today we begin to look forward to the 2020 season and a new series: Atlanta Braves Extension Candidates. We start with a story similar to our beloved Ronald Acuna with a player whose skillset, although different from Acuna’s, is loud and cannot be ignored: … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Cristian Pache”