Fits for Atlanta Braves? 2020 Free Agents: Starting Pitchers

Top of Rotation Types- #1-2 Guys

Is this the year where the Braves go after a top-tier starter? I’m not sure, but it won’t stop me from spilling way too manY words on the idea.

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Atlanta Braves Payroll: Creating Funds by Cutting Money

A lot was made about the payroll at the beginning of the 2019 season, and many fans felt shorted by the lack of big moves outside of Josh Donaldson. While I cannot argue with that train of thought too … Finish Reading

Thoughts on the Future of the Atlanta Braves 40-Man Roster

Many roster moves will have to be made fairly quickly after the World Series is over. Within 10 days into the offseason, the Braves will have a new look to their 40-man roster and spots will be precious. In this … Finish Reading