Max Fried, the Bromance Continues – Snakes 9 – Braves 6 (by Roger)

I still love, Max. Last time he was great, this time he started off good by not great. He went deep into counts but scraped by through three. The dam finally burst in the 4 th after Fried got the first two outs. Four straight hits later, the D’Backs had a 2-0 lead and Max’s … Continue reading “Max Fried, the Bromance Continues – Snakes 9 – Braves 6 (by Roger)”

Braves 7, Mets 3 – Julio Doesn’t Think Much Of Your Insolence

With the Braves splitting a home series with the Mets, the season is around 10% done. The race that we thought there would be is on. The Mets, Phillies, and Braves are within a half game with the Nationals 2 games back of the lead. So no one has come out of the gate red … Continue reading “Braves 7, Mets 3 – Julio Doesn’t Think Much Of Your Insolence”


Finally. We have our first Saturday night victory of the new season which you know who will help us celebrate in the traditional manner. It was a great game to watch, full of incident and good things following bad but it was nearly ruined by Chip’s inane and irrelevant asides to the action on the … Continue reading “SATURDAY SATURDAY TOUKI’S ALL RIGHT.CHIP IS NOT.”

Braves 7, Colorado 1 (by Roger)

Max Fried, You’re My Hero “Hey batter batter; suh-wing batter…. He can’t hit, he can’t hit, he can’t hit, suh-wing batter.” OK, I have to admit it. I’m left-handed. I love the lefties. From Dave McNally to Tom Glavine and Steve Avery to Max Fried. The next big thing. I wish I could’ve seen Spahn … Continue reading “Braves 7, Colorado 1 (by Roger)”

Braves 8, Rockies 6

Much was made about the Braves not getting a bigger bat for right field than Nick Markakis or for the catching spot than Brian McCann and Tyler Flowers. Between a huge improvement from Dansby Swanson so far, Nick essentially repeating his performance from 2018, Ronald Acuna doing his best Hank Aaron impression, and Ozzie Albies … Continue reading “Braves 8, Rockies 6”