Merry Christmas from Braves Journal!

The next 2 days will be a contest, of sorts! Create your Braves themed Christmas Parody song and we will judge it as a community. The winner will win a Braves Journal tee of his or her choice! The following brilliance is by Rusty S! You better watch outYou better bid highBetter not doubtI’m telling … Continue reading “Merry Christmas from Braves Journal!”

Special Braves Journal Announcement!

Just in time for the holidays, Braves Journal is kicking off 2 cool features that will help our community thrive for the foreseeable future! When I decided to take the reins from Rob, it wasn’t without a long 6 months of thought. What was I pondering over the course of that time? Well, my friends, … Continue reading “Special Braves Journal Announcement!”

Meet Your New Editor: Ryan Cothran

Being a custodian means that you want to leave a place better than you found it. I hope I’ve been a custodian. I think Braves Journal is better than when I found it, anyway. I got the sense that Alex was running on fumes trying to replace Mac Thomason, and that’s why I was very … Continue reading “Meet Your New Editor: Ryan Cothran”

Get to Know the Newest Atlanta Brave: Travis d’Arnaud

The Braves continue to strike. Three out of the four free agents that have been signed so far have been by Atlanta. You know about the two relievers, and this time it’s solidifying the catcher position. So Travis d’Arnaud and Flowers will now handle the catching duties. If you didn’t follow d’Arnaud career resurgence in … Continue reading “Get to Know the Newest Atlanta Brave: Travis d’Arnaud”

Get to Know the Newest Atlanta Brave: Will Smith

I’m going to spare you the Will Smith references from the entertainment world since we’re sure to read and hear about a thousand of them between now and Spring Training. But what I will tell you is that Alex Anthopolous was not going to wait for the free agent markets to take shape. He acted … Continue reading “Get to Know the Newest Atlanta Brave: Will Smith”

Podcast Announcement: Three Flags Flying is LIVE!

Guys and gals, I cannot emphasize enough how excited I am that Braves Journal now has its own podcast. Three Flags Flying is a podcast that represents the unity of 3 Braves blogs: Braves Journal, Outfield Fly Rule, and Talking Chop. Kris Willis is the site manager from Talking Chop and has a long history … Continue reading “Podcast Announcement: Three Flags Flying is LIVE!”

Ryan’s 50 Million Dollar Plan!

In a piece a few weeks back, I laid out the payroll situation with the Braves. You can find that piece here . Since then, we’ve had the following developments: Tyler Flowers was re-signed to a 4MM deal and buyout was added to the 2019 payroll. Nick Markakis was re-signed to a 4MM deal and … Continue reading “Ryan’s 50 Million Dollar Plan!”

2019 Atlanta Braves Player Review: Sean Newcomb

Entering the 2019 season, Newcomb was expected to make the next step and become a mainstay for the Braves rotation behind Mike Foltynewicz. Long story short, that didn’t happen… sort of. He had an interesting season, but most would agree the Braves needed every ounce of the success he provided out of the bullpen. 2019 … Continue reading “2019 Atlanta Braves Player Review: Sean Newcomb”

What Went Wrong?

The Braves were the favorites to win this series. Despite what some will tell you, you will find many more people predicting the Braves over the Cardinals. It’s a disappointment, without a doubt. And it really seemed like we were on a trajectory; last year’s team broke the playoff drought but shouldn’t expect much further, … Continue reading “What Went Wrong?”