2019 Atlanta Braves Player Reviews: A.J. Minter

If A.J. Minter merely replicated his performance from the year previous — 61.1 IP, 57 H, 22 BB, 69 K, 3.23 ERA, 2.72 FIP — some might have been disappointed, then the 2019 Atlanta Braves Player Review on A.J. Minter would have been all roses. After all, A.J. Minter has been hyped about as much … Continue reading “2019 Atlanta Braves Player Reviews: A.J. Minter”

Player Previews – Ronald Acuna

The 2018 National League Rookie of the Year is a younger, better version of Ozzie Albies, at least offensively. We have a limited sample to evaluate the 21 year old on, but what a sample it is, and it’s not *in*significant. 111 games, 427 plate appearances, and a .293/.366/.552 BA/OBP/SP, including 26 home runs in … Continue reading “Player Previews – Ronald Acuna”

Player Previews – Ozzie Albies

Ozzie Albies had a bad second half. I don’t care. Ozzie Albies hasn’t been so great against right handed pitchers. I care a little bit more about that. There are a lot of right handed pitchers. Despite these flaws, Ozzie Albies is one of the best young players in the history of the game. Yeah. … Continue reading “Player Previews – Ozzie Albies”

#36: Ender Inciarte

This will serve as sort of a player preview for 2019 as well, but Ender also has found him amongst the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves. Ender wasn’t exactly the headliner of the trade from our side — that distinction belonged to Dansby Swanson, the #1 pick in the draft the previous year — but Ender … Continue reading “#36: Ender Inciarte”

Player Previews – The Catchers

The Braves didn’t end up with JT Realmuto. Actually, 29 teams didn’t end up with him. Instead, we have Brian McCann and Tyler Flowers. And depending on which incarnation of the two we get, we could either have a very solid catching unit… or one of the worst. In evaluating our catchers, it’s important to … Continue reading “Player Previews – The Catchers”

Player Previews – Dansby Swanson

One thing most everyone agrees with about Dansby Swanson is that he’s not a Super-Sub. I guess that can have a couple of interpretations… Now 25, Swanson has 1229 career plate appearances under his belt, with a career .243/.314/.369 batting average / on base % / slugging %, including a .238/.304/.395 in 2018. Dansby added … Continue reading “Player Previews – Dansby Swanson”

Catching Unit Preview, Sans Realmuto

As it sits, there’s no J.T. Realmuto coming. It doesn’t mean we don’t have the pieces to easily acquire him that we are probably actively looking to trade. But alas, he’s still a Marlin. So with 25 days left until pitchers and catchers report, our catching unit is Brian McCann and Tyler Flowers. What can … Continue reading “Catching Unit Preview, Sans Realmuto”

Josh Donaldson

A long time ago, whenever Tim Hudson was having an Episode, Mac Thomason would say, “Never, never trust an Auburn Tiger.” You couldn’t quite take it literally — even though he did it enough that Mac literally added it to the Glossary, Huddy retired with 1573 innings pitched in a Braves uniform with an overall 115 … Continue reading “Josh Donaldson”