The 2020 Micro-Season

What’s the least amount of baseball that would be worth playing before the powers that be simply cancel the entire season? Here’s a proposal for a Micro-Season. (Disclaimer: this is not a prediction that a micro-season is the most likely scenario.) Micro-Season: Everybody into the pool At the amateur level, pool play is used to … Continue reading “The 2020 Micro-Season”

Crown Me Commish: An MLB Shortened-Season!

One thing we know about this virus is that there’s little concrete idea how long our world will be on hold and/or lockdown. Some are guessing life will resume, slightly-altered, in a few months. Others are estimating 6. Then there are the extreme measures that are guessing social distancing will be worldwide for 18 months. … Continue reading “Crown Me Commish: An MLB Shortened-Season!”

Rob’s 2020 Atlanta Braves Position Player Wildcard – Dansby Swanson

As I’m looking at guys who would be “wildcards” to our season success, I’m looking at guys who could potentially lengthen the list of potentially elite players at that unit. For the bullpen, it was Luke Jackson. On the position player side, it’s Atlanta Braves Dansby Swanson. Most fans have high expectations for the majority … Continue reading “Rob’s 2020 Atlanta Braves Position Player Wildcard – Dansby Swanson”

Rob’s 2020 Atlanta Braves Bullpen Wildcard – Luke Jackson

A lot of talk is centered around Will Smith, Chris Martin, Mark Melancon, and Shane Greene — the key acquisitions of last trading deadline and this offseason — and that’s for good reason. After all, they’ll be cumulatively collecting around $45M, and they’ll account for the vast majority of high leverage innings by the bullpen … Continue reading “Rob’s 2020 Atlanta Braves Bullpen Wildcard – Luke Jackson”

A Braves Dilemma: Johan Camargo? Austin Riley? YES!

A good problem to have…gosh, I’m sick of hearing it. Having both Johan Camargo and Austin Riley performing well above average this spring and looking like both fixed flaws, Camargo of the physical, Riley, the mental, these words have been uttered by too many that have surveyed the situation. Screw it in the dadgum dirt. We … Continue reading “A Braves Dilemma: Johan Camargo? Austin Riley? YES!”

Braves Minor League Options

As Spring Training gets closer to an end, it’s good to have the inside know on where each Braves player stands on Minor League Options. What are Minor League Options? Directly from MLB’s website: Players on a 40-man roster are given three Minor League “options.” An option allows that player to be sent to the … Continue reading “Braves Minor League Options”

Atlanta Braves Next Five

In this article, I will discuss The Atlanta Braves Next 5 players who I believe will have the biggest impact this season. I will not be including Ronald Acuña Jr, Ozzie Albies, Freddie Freeman, Mike Soroka, and Max Fried in this list. I’m going to focus more on the next tier of players that may … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Next Five”

Atlanta Braves 2020-21 Offseason Preview

In the midst of Spring Training, I wanted to take the opportunity to fast forward and take a look at where the Braves may find themselves after the 2020 season. Still an entire season to go, anything could happen and hopes are high. All I hope for is that the Atlanta Braves hoist the pennant … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves 2020-21 Offseason Preview”

Atlanta Braves Bullpen: Ahead of the Curve

Alex Anthopoulos and company have quietly built a Braves bullpen that is one of the best in baseball just in time for the three batter minimum rule. This is going to be one of the biggest reasons why Atlanta is going to be a force in the 2020 season and potentially win its third straight … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Bullpen: Ahead of the Curve”

Atlanta Braves Non-Roster Invitees

As the Atlanta Braves prepare to kick off their Spring Training games this afternoon, we will familiarize ourselves with the 26 non-roster invitees looking to make a name for themselves over the next 6 weeks. There is a large mixture of players here between prospects, fringe major leaguers looking for a path back to the … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Non-Roster Invitees”