Successes and Disappointments of Spring Training

Successes Kyle Wright – The 2017 first round pick has earned a spot in the rotation earlier than most had envisioned. He’s a good bet to at least be a serviceable 4th/5th starter this year, but he could surprise some people. Max Fried – His health and success means that a pitcher who has been … Continue reading “Successes and Disappointments of Spring Training”

No on Keuchel, Yes on Kimbrel

The days are short and my workload is long, so just for the sake of variety, here’s a new thread. But, yes on Kimbrel, no on Keuchel, in one man’s opinion. Kimbrel probably signs a shorter-term deal than already envisioned, so what’s not to like there? But more importantly, it’s easier to find a spot … Continue reading “No on Keuchel, Yes on Kimbrel”

Projecting Out the NL East (Position Players)

With the Braves doing, frankly, very little this offseason, and the other 3 NL East contenders making wholesale changes to their roster, I decided to take a different approach to projecting each team. Instead of doing overall unit comparisons (offense, defense, pitching, etc.) or going position-by-position, I decided to compare to the top 5 position … Continue reading “Projecting Out the NL East (Position Players)”

The Baseball and Financial Cases For Not Signing Craig Kimbrel

Let me first say that it’s not my money, and if you’re asking me just simply as a fan of the Atlanta Braves whether or not I want Craig Kimbrel to play on my team, then of course I do. That’s not what this is about. If I could, I would have the best player … Continue reading “The Baseball and Financial Cases For Not Signing Craig Kimbrel”

Multi-Year Deals? Braves Have Plenty to Give Out

(Earlier version of this had each player missing one year of pre-arb control. It’s been updated with extensions reflecting that extra year. Math is hard.) With many fans frustrated the team hasn’t gone big into the gross dollars in free agency this year, and Aaron Nola and Luis Severino both signing extensions buying out arbitration years, I thought we’d look at some deals the Braves could do to satisfy the bloodthirst for a big contract signing. Remember, regardless … Continue reading “Multi-Year Deals? Braves Have Plenty to Give Out”

Premature POWER RANKING Of The Offseason’s Biggest Winners (by Adam R.)

5) Strategic modernity – Johan Camargo putting the “super” in “super-sub.” The prospect of shredding opposing lineups with a ‘pen loaded with talented prospects. It’ll be nice to see the Braves maybe catching up to other teams when it comes to getting the most out of the roster. 4) Family reunions – I was feeling … Continue reading “Premature POWER RANKING Of The Offseason’s Biggest Winners (by Adam R.)”

Little Deals of the Rebuild – Vol. 3 – Last One, Promise.

Brandon Barker and Trevor Belicek for Brian Matusz and 2016 Competitive Balance Round B Pick The noteworthy piece was the competitive balance B pick that would later turn into Brett Cumberland. Cumberland was traded along with Jean Carlos Encarnacion, Bruce Zimmerman, Evan Phillips, and international bonus pool money for Kevin Gausman. So for taking on the bulk of Matusz’ $3.9M commitment … Continue reading “Little Deals of the Rebuild – Vol. 3 – Last One, Promise.”