My All-Time Favorite Minor League Teams: 1992 Greenville Braves

Spring 1992 saw me locate from Southwestern Virginia (yay Appy League!) back to my hometown of Asheville, NC. Our local team, the Tourists (Astros affiliate) sucked as did the Braves Macon franchise in the Sally League, so I turned my … Finish Reading

My All-Time Favorite Minor League Teams: 2012 Rome Braves

Pitiful, Sickening, Pathetic, Horrifying. Those were the nice words in various newspaper write-ups during the first half of the 2012 South Atlantic League season in regards to the 2012 Rome Braves. To say they staggered out of the gate is … Finish Reading

My All-Time Favorite Minor League Teams: 1981 Richmond Braves

The damndest thing happened in the summer of 1981 — baseball went on strike. No superstation! No internet! What was a fan to do? In response, newly rechristened SuperStation WTBS (formerly WTCG-17 Atlanta) decided to bring their MLB broadcast crew … Finish Reading

10 for 10’s: Atlanta Braves Knaves and Fools

Today’s entry focuses on players who were left out of the All-2010’s team but were memorable nonetheless, mainly because of our mockery: the Atlanta Braves Knaves and Fools.

The Beginning of the Braves Journal Whipping Boy

If memory serves me, … Finish Reading

10 for 10’s: The 2012 Atlanta Braves Season

The 2011 season ended with such a horrific collapse that the 2012 Atlanta Braves needed to remind the fans that the team was actually good, and they did just that.

The Skinny on the 2012 Atlanta Braves

Record: 94-68 2nd … Finish Reading