Ruminations On a Meaningless Game.

Since last night’s game had a Kelvin Bearing on the Braves’ post-season (Absolutely Zero), I figured rather than give you a full blown recap, I’d just give you some impressions from last night. Dansby Swanson continues to look like he’s found a solution to his swing. He went 3-5, with a first inning line drive … Continue reading “Ruminations On a Meaningless Game.”

2019 NL East Champs 6, San Francisco 0

Cue the champagne cork popping sound fx. The Braves clinched the 2019 NL East division title in game 155 at SunTrust Park with Mike Foltynewicz pitching, just like they clinched the 2018 title in game 155 with Mike Foltynewicz pitching. I’d be fine with them clinching the 2020 division title in game 155 at STP … Continue reading “2019 NL East Champs 6, San Francisco 0”

Atlanta 2, New York 1 (14 Innings)

Okay, I think it might just be time to go on record that this Braves team might just be pretty good, because even when setting a record for futility, Our Heroes somehow found a way to pull out a win. Now that that’s out of the way, Atlanta rolled into the Big Apple to face … Continue reading “Atlanta 2, New York 1 (14 Innings)”

Braves 3, Lingering Sense Of Doom 8

And that’s the difference between the L.A. and Atlanta. One team has a bullpen that can be relied upon, and the other is the Braves. Atlanta led for most of the game, as Mike Soroka did yeoman’s work in holding down the Dodger offense. He surrendered a solo shot to Cody Bellinger in the second, … Continue reading “Braves 3, Lingering Sense Of Doom 8”

Atlanta 8, Pure Evil 4

Settle down, take a syllabus and pass it down the row. Welcome to Professor Seat Painters Braves Etymology 101 for the fall semester. With all the new freshmen and transfers to Braves Journal U., the department head has asked me to teach an introductory course dealing with some standard terms and phrases you will encounter … Continue reading “Atlanta 8, Pure Evil 4”