Braves 9, Rays 5 (Nats 5, Phillies 4)

Let us consider, for a moment, the Phans. Okay. Moving on. I don’t have a lot of time this morning, so this will be a brief one. At this point, in the crush of a pennant chase by a young and exciting team that has real playoff ambitions, you should be watching them yourselves anyway. … Continue reading “Braves 9, Rays 5 (Nats 5, Phillies 4)”

Braves 6, Pirates 1

So, it turns out, if you can trade a few nice but not all that notable spare parts for this generation’s version of Young Andy Ashby, you probably should. Kevin Gausman continues to be the absolute gank heist of the season. One begins to suspect that Alex Anthopoulos and his team(s) are pretty good at … Continue reading “Braves 6, Pirates 1”

Jays 6, Braves 2

Baseball’s a simple game. You throw the ball. You hit the ball. You catch the ball… You catch the ball… YOU CATCH THE….!!! Oh for chrissakes, people. Editor’s Note: It appears the comment link may not be loading on some browsers, potentially due to the length of the post not triggering the “continue reading…” button. … Continue reading “Jays 6, Braves 2”

Braves 11, Jays 4

Apparently the Blue Jays’ pitching meeting before last night’s game ended something like this: “…and that’s how you retire Freddie Freeman.” “But coach, what about the other six guys after him?” “Oh. We have no plan for them. Just groove ’em fastballs and see what happens.” “‘Kay.” Seriously. I was going to go through and … Continue reading “Braves 11, Jays 4”

It’s Better If Cliff Gets The Off Day (a game thread)

Last thread is creeping into triple digit comment count, so here’s a new thread. Feel free to use it to continue drastically over-emoting about not getting that one reliever from Tampa Bay, or that one time we didn’t sign Mike Moustakas or something. Or maybe debate the value of Jason Heyward again. Or as a … Continue reading “It’s Better If Cliff Gets The Off Day (a game thread)”

Johan Camargo And The Very Good, Quite Superior, Actually Astounding Once You Think About It, Routine 5U-3 Double Play (Braves 8, Mets 2)

Braves hosted IWOTM’s. It was Hank Aaron Appreciation Night, which I think means we’ve cycled through yet another generation and have to remind whatever comes after Millennials that The Hammer existed. So, ya know. That happened. They also played a baseball game. The first four innings of the game are best described as Mike Foltynewicz … Continue reading “Johan Camargo And The Very Good, Quite Superior, Actually Astounding Once You Think About It, Routine 5U-3 Double Play (Braves 8, Mets 2)”

Braves TBD (14), Padres TBD (1)

Look. Let’s be honest. There is no way in, around, nor under hell that I’m going to stay up for a west coast night game. It’s just not going to happen. The start time of 10:10 is technically past my Old Man Bedtime, and there’s just nothing that a June 5 tilt against the Pads … Continue reading “Braves TBD (14), Padres TBD (1)”