Atlanta Braves Spring Training: Notes From Games 3 and 4

After 4 games into the Atlanta Braves Spring Training, the team is 2-2 and as a fan, you should not care in the slightest. Let’s be clear on the purpose of practice games. They’re practice.

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Atlanta Braves Spring Training: Notes from Game 1

Atlanta Braves Spring Training got off to a good start against what will likely be the worst team in the Major Leagues in 2020, the Baltimore Orioles.

Felix Hernandez “looked” good

While the velocity did not all of a sudden … Finish Reading

Atlanta Braves Spring Training Notes

Spring is in the air and positivity reigns supreme at Cool Today park, with exception of one story at Atlanta Braves Spring Training. Let’s check out what’s going on in Northport, Florida.

Cole Hamels Injury

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Atlanta Braves Starting Pitchers: A Bottlenecking Problem

During the rebuild, the Braves chose a path and stuck to their “guns”, as trade after trade, and draft pick after draft pick, starting pitchers with high ceilings were collected. For many Braves fans, it became comical the amount of … Finish Reading

Atlanta Braves Bench: Best of the 10 for 10’s

The 10 for 10’s series finale is going to look at some of the most heroic players from the 2010’s in one of the least appreciated positions in the sport. The Atlanta Braves Bench has had some heroics in the … Finish Reading

Atlanta Braves Outfield: Best of the 10 for 10’s

In our initial segment on Best of the 10 for 10’s, we looked at the best of the Atlana Braves Infield.

Today, we take a gander at the best of the Atlanta Braves Outfield of the 2010’s. Just a … Finish Reading