Braves 3, Marlins 2 – Acuna Walks It Off

Make it 15-4. That’s Atlanta’s record against Miami this year, and I bet the Marlins are ready to be done with us. And unfortunately for us, they are. At this point, you found dissatisfaction that even with our beleaguered offense, we couldn’t put enough runs across to get Mike Soroka a win. Nonetheless, plenty to … Continue reading “Braves 3, Marlins 2 – Acuna Walks It Off”

Dodgers 3, Braves 0, no, Braves 5, Dodgers 3

This thing started off horribly. Walk (picked off), single, single, homer. Boom, down 3-0. But Max Fried righted the ship, threw down 4 more innings scoreless, and more importantly, the pen held the fort. Anthony Swarzak, Chris Martin, Shane Greene, and Mark Melancon all contributed a scoreless inning apiece to shut the down. So after … Continue reading “Dodgers 3, Braves 0, no, Braves 5, Dodgers 3”

How Braves Pitchers Are Performing Each Time Through The Order (by braves14)

This discussion will cover statistics of the amount of times our starting pitchers face the opponent’s batting order during a game.  But first, a background of how starting pitchers have pitched fewer innings in recent history: As most are aware, the style of pitching that we see today is not how it has been for … Continue reading “How Braves Pitchers Are Performing Each Time Through The Order (by braves14)”

Post Deadline Pitching Roundup

Like a lot of rotations around baseball, our rotation’s been chaotic all year. 10 different pitchers making a start for the Braves, and about a half dozen starting pitching options in the high minors all being potentially a call away from the big leagues. But in the last week or so, Kolby Allard was traded. … Continue reading “Post Deadline Pitching Roundup”

Trade Deadline Roundup – The Rotation

Seems like an odd post since we didn’t acquire a starter at the trade deadline, right? Yes, but the passing of the trade deadline signifies that the Braves’ rotation options are largely set for the rest of the year. And at this point, you have to love the bullpen, lineup, and bench for the rest … Continue reading “Trade Deadline Roundup – The Rotation”

Trade Deadline Roundup – The Bullpen

We kept hearing rumors that the Braves would be looking for relievers over starters the closer it got to the deadline. First, we traded Kolby Allard for Chris Martin. Then Peanut obviously knew something because he said they were pursuing Shane Greene. And about 30 minutes after that trade was announced, the Braves announced they … Continue reading “Trade Deadline Roundup – The Bullpen”

Kolby Allard for Chris Martin

By now, you’ve seen the reports that Kolby Allard, #2 prospect on MLB Pipelines’ Braves list, has gone over to Texas for Chris Martin. A few different thoughts about the trade: Kolby Allard If there was a starting pitcher you were going to trade for a reliever, Allard was it. Just about every starting pitcher … Continue reading “Kolby Allard for Chris Martin”