Atlanta Braves 2020-21 Offseason Preview

In the midst of Spring Training, I wanted to take the opportunity to fast forward and take a look at where the Braves may find themselves after the 2020 season. Still an entire season to go, anything could happen and hopes are high. All I hope for is that the Atlanta Braves hoist the pennant … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves 2020-21 Offseason Preview”

Atlanta Braves Non-Roster Invitees

As the Atlanta Braves prepare to kick off their Spring Training games this afternoon, we will familiarize ourselves with the 26 non-roster invitees looking to make a name for themselves over the next 6 weeks. There is a large mixture of players here between prospects, fringe major leaguers looking for a path back to the … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Non-Roster Invitees”

2020 NL East Team Previews: New York Mets

2019 was another typical New York Mets year. They had some interesting storylines, players getting injured, Yoenis Cespedes fighting a wild boar, Jacob deGrom winning another Cy Young and Pete Alonso winning rookie of the year while the team hovered around .500. The trade for Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano pretty much depleted an already … Continue reading “2020 NL East Team Previews: New York Mets”

MLB Rule Changes: A Universal DH Proposal

Rob Manfred is on a roll with all of his changes to baseball… except are they all good for the game? Don’t even get me started on how much I dislike the “proposed 7-team playoff format”. The 3-batter minimum, being implemented this year, is going to completely change baseball. How many pitchers are going to … Continue reading “MLB Rule Changes: A Universal DH Proposal”

Atlanta Braves Starting Pitching: Best of the 10 for 10’s

In our previous Atlanta Braves 10 for 10’s installments, the knaves and fools, best of the infield, outfield, and relief pitching , we went through and looked at the many “Whipping Boys” and heroes of the Braves over the past decade. Today we will look at the best Atlanta Braves starting pitchers of the decade. … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Starting Pitching: Best of the 10 for 10’s”

10 For 10’s: The 2019 Atlanta Braves Season

The rebuild was over! Coming off a successful 2018 season in which the Braves reached the playoffs a bit unexpectedly, there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel. For the 2019 Atlanta Braves, it was expected to be a huge battle with a four-horse race in the NL East, but it turned … Continue reading “10 For 10’s: The 2019 Atlanta Braves Season”

Moving on from Josh Donaldson: Atlanta Braves Trade and Free Agent Targets

Well, the Josh Donaldson saga has finally come to an end. Sadly, the “Bringer of Rain” is bringing some pain to Atlanta by accepting a 4-year, $92M deal with the Minnesota Twins. This has both good and bad repercussions for the Braves, as well as a plethora of options moving forward. There are plenty of … Continue reading “Moving on from Josh Donaldson: Atlanta Braves Trade and Free Agent Targets”

Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Max Fried

Firmly planted in the number 2 spot in the Braves 2019 rotation was today’s Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate Max Fried. I’m not sure anybody expected him to step into the role quite as seamlessly as he did, but it was no doubt a happy surprise. Max Fried’s Background The 7th overall pick in the 2012 … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Max Fried”

Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Freddie Freeman

Today we will explore Atlanta Braves extension candidate Freddie Freeman. The cornerstone of the franchise and a guy that loves the Braves, it would be great to lock Freddie up long term. He has stated many times before that he wants to be a lifelong Brave and there’s no reason why the franchise shouldn’t keep … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves Extension Candidate: Freddie Freeman”

2019 Atlanta Braves Player Review: Touki Toussaint

Touki Toussaint’s 2019 season was a back-step from 2018. Today’s Touki Toussaint Player Review will explore the reasons why that happened and what to look forward to next year. Touki’s curveball played a disappearing act for most of the season. Easily his best pitch, it just didn’t have as much life as it used to. … Continue reading “2019 Atlanta Braves Player Review: Touki Toussaint”