Where Do We Go From Here: Part 6, Catcher

If you’re late to the series, get caught up here:

Unlike so many contributors here, … Finish Reading

Another Game, Another Shutout: Braves 2, Fish Nil In This Game And In The Series

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

There are few epigrams better known (or if the truth be known, overused, but I ain’t letting that stop me) than this one from George Santayana. As my … Finish Reading

The Playoffs Really Are Different, But Freddie Freeman is Still The Man: Braves 1, Reds 0, 13 Innings

As I commented, the last playoff game I recapped was over in the top of the 1st. This one wasn’t. The fact that the first two batters hit singles against Max Fried made me think that maybe it’s … Finish Reading

Could Harvey’s Wallbangers Have Beaten the Cardinals? And…Game Thread

If you don’t count the 1871 Philadelphia Athletics of the National Association or the 1889 Brooklyn Bridegrooms of the American Association, only 4 teams in MLB history have won an MLB pennant with an adjusted ERA+ for starters under 97. … Finish Reading