Hitching Our Star to Vogt’s Wagen, Until He Comes Up Lame: Braves 7-6 in 10 Innings

Easily the MVP of 2021 Braves’ Third Basemen, though Camargo will get some down-ballot votes.


“It’s the most amazing stat… I don’t know what the number is, but it just seems like every time you give a leadoff walk

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Above at Last, Above at Last. Thank God Almighty, Above At Last (with notes on some Cardinals teams we might want to emulate, as opposed to this one) ATL 8, STL 4

In the baseball history of my mind, the MVP of the 1982 World Series

More On Farting Around for 100 Games or More

So it’s August and the elusive 0.500 mark has finally been breached.  This is slightly misleading, since … Finish Reading

26 years of marriage, and a night off from watching the Braves, who then play great… maybe I’m the problem: Braves 4, Cardinals 0

Beyond Trivial

What does the following list of (for the most part obscure) pitchers have in common?

  • Felix Doubront
  • Mike Dupree
  • Juan Eichelberger
  • Jim Foor
  • Roger Hambright
  • Bill Harrelson
  • Hunter Harvey
  • Justin Marks
  • Ryan Meisinger
  • Steve Mintz
  • George Piktuzis
  • Cliff
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