The sound of Philadelphia (Crashing): Braves 7, Cheesesteaks 2

Above is a favorite of mine of the genre “TSOP.” Let it be your musical and practical theme for last night. The Atlanta Braves have burned the mother up, all 100 stories, all 90 wins.

Philadelphia was the wealthiest, most … Finish Reading

AA Didn’t Stop the Fire: Braves 3, Diad 5

Luis Arraez, Ozhaino Albies,
Freddie Freeman, Max Kepler, Miguel Sano

Brian Snitker, Rick Kranitz, Mark Melancon
Minnesota, Mississippi and Jake O

Chris Martin, Twins blown save, come back,
getting beat, take your seat, this sure … Finish Reading

Seein’ Julio Whooped Down in the Confines: Braves 3, Cubs 8

Wilson Contreras got his pajamas ruffled, and he called out the baseball lawman and ranted like an infestation
Then Wilson kept on, he began to shout, and he started an instigation.

He is against the law, the baseball law

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