Blind Hogs and Acorns: Braves 9, Inhabitants of a glacial deposit (why do you think they call it “Flushing”) 2

Well, it had to happen. Not exactly “had to” as in you add heat with oxygen to hydrocarbons and you get fire. But eventually, the bats had to get a little better.

Ian Anderson didn’t read his fashion magazine last … Finish Reading

Taylor Sheridan Controls the Universe and There is Nothing We Can Do About It: Braves 1, filthy lying politicians 3

Not Jon, not Sonny, but Josiah Gray. Josiah Gray sounds like a character from “1883.” Somebody tough and no nonsense. Well, the Braves (Barves, whatever) got one hit by this character through 5, so maybe he could stand up to … Finish Reading

Only a Mile or so from Where Sherman Saw the Spires of Atlanta his Yankees prevailed: Braves 1, Steinbrenner’s bums 5

Yes, Vinings Ridge is probably a little over a mile southwest of the current Truist Park. Some of the best views of the City of Atlanta and its Metro environs can be had there. This is the place where the … Finish Reading