Only a Mile or so from Where Sherman Saw the Spires of Atlanta his Yankees prevailed: Braves 1, Steinbrenner’s bums 5

Yes, Vinings Ridge is probably a little over a mile southwest of the current Truist Park. Some of the best views of the City of Atlanta and its Metro environs can be had there. This is the place where the … Finish Reading

Oh What a Beautiful Morning: Braves 12, Water Creatures 2

Oh, what a beautiful morning.

Oh, what a beautiful day.

I’ve got a wonderful feeling,

Everything’s going our way.

Many on Braves Journal have been trying to coax out a game like this for the … Finish Reading

Mediocrity is as mediocrity does: Game 1, Braves 2, IWOTM 0: Game 2, Braves 1, IWOTM 2.

In Christian scripture this situation is described thusly:

“So, because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.” Revelation 3:16

Yep, these Braves have certainly worked mediocre … Finish Reading

Did Dennis Green speak Eternal Truth? Braves 1, Ohio River Badmen 11

“We are who we thought we were.” Or, from Bill Parcells: “We are what our reord says we are.”

On most of the Braves journey from the end of around 2003 (maybe actually not fully realized until the 2005 postseason) … Finish Reading

Mother City Dwellers 4, Braves 2, or is it Braves 1, Mother City Dwellers 0. I am confused. Are you?

Last night the Braves ended their fourth game in 30 hours or so. But they only played 27 innings. Strange.

Braves competed yesterday in a place famous for mimicking modern toilets. Or is it ancient compost piles? Something like that.… Finish Reading