i’m sorry to admit that i cannot wait for this season to be over….(Mets 4, Braves 2)

Braves quit, Braves quit, Braves quit!
While i try not to lose interest or be disgusted, it is a struggle to find any positives. There were some so let’s start in the 8th inning when Joey Terdoslavich singled, Emilio BonifacioFinish Reading

“All we needed was one lousy run… it’s hard to get a lousy run sometimes…”.

The Padres beat the Braves 3 – 2 in 12 innings. Yes, that’s what….5 in a row? Ervin Santana took the mound against Ian Kennedy tonite.

In the first, after a BJ walk, Freddie Freeman doubled to right scoring BJ. … Finish Reading