One strike away and we met our match. A team that over the last two nights has an XBH percentage of their hits at around 85 took full advantage of that new life in the ninth and turned a one run deficit into a four run lead, all with two out. Brutal, Minter gassed presumably … Continue reading “XXXXXTRA BASE HITS… ROCKIES 9 BRAVES 5”

Cleveland ONE. Can we try again please?

This was a fun game to watch and enjoy for 5 plus innings. Then Julio passed the 100 pitch mark, in came Jessie ‘let me get at ’em’ Biddle and we were wiped all round for 6 runs and looked awful being so. Naturally, now that it didn’t matter, our flaccid bats sprang to life … Continue reading “Cleveland ONE. Can we try again please?”


Finally. We have our first Saturday night victory of the new season which you know who will help us celebrate in the traditional manner. It was a great game to watch, full of incident and good things following bad but it was nearly ruined by Chip’s inane and irrelevant asides to the action on the … Continue reading “SATURDAY SATURDAY TOUKI’S ALL RIGHT.CHIP IS NOT.”

Comeuppance…Braves 2 Marlins 4

We had that entitled look about us tonight, the expectation perhaps that another win against Miami was as good as done with half the game gone, a two run lead and our pitching good enough to shut them down. Last night’s scare with the tying run up in the ninth was apparently forgotten. We ended … Continue reading “Comeuppance…Braves 2 Marlins 4”

The tying run is at the plate…really… Braves 6 Phillies 8,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=567060 It was, it really was. It had been like watching a prize fight all afternoon. Some knockdowns but as many recoveries until the final round was near and we seemed to be out of it, tired and looking it. But then, for a few moments, there was hope. Until there wasn’t. The Toni twins … Continue reading “The tying run is at the plate…really… Braves 6 Phillies 8”

BORING PRE-DAWN BASEBALL……Did you have a fun Friday evening?

Around 3.25 this morning Alex Wood came on to pitch the top of the 18th innings in Game 3 of the World Series. The Score had been stuck at 2-2 since the 13th. Fox had long since run out of paid commercials to show, nothing but promos. We were in it for the long haul. … Continue reading “BORING PRE-DAWN BASEBALL……Did you have a fun Friday evening?”

Above all else, it’s the game.

Watching the fourth Yankees/Sox game two nights ago morph from a dull start into a splendid climax came this reminder – above all, it’s the game that holds us. Not this game, not that game. Any game. Always was, after a youthful partisan past maybe, always will be. Hours after our painful departure from proceedings … Continue reading “Above all else, it’s the game.”

one sixty one…Nola 3 Braves zero

mea culpa…the days wither down to a precious few…eyes and thoughts are diverted to other games occurring simultaneously whose results may affect us…but Sunday morning still finds me in possession of memories from our game that are deeply etched so let me spin them out….now that i have realized it is my turn. Anibel…18 million … Continue reading “one sixty one…Nola 3 Braves zero”

Atlanta Braves 2018 National League East Champions

We’d been around too long with this bunch to know it couldn’t be this easy, right through to the end, surely? And it wasn’t, we went from laugher to white knuckle in a matter of minutes, late – just like last night except this time we were the ones trying to hold off the marauders … Continue reading “Atlanta Braves 2018 National League East Champions”