Their timing was off by twenty-eight years, but the Braves took a series from the Blue Jays.

The bats were mostly cold, but that’s mostly universal. In the first-ever year with no pitchers hitting, the collective major league batting line … Finish Reading

Positional Case Study: Atlanta Braves Second Basemen, 1979-2019

If you’ve read my work at other sites, I’ve written periodic “positional case studies,” looking at how various clubs have staffed a particular position over multi-decade time spans, revealing interesting trends. Here are the ones I’ve done so far:

  • May
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Who’s the Most Underrated Atlanta Brave?

There are a million ways to ask this question, and just as many ways to answer it. Here’s my attempt: Who’s the most underrated Atlanta Brave?

This would be someone who isn’t in the Hall of Fame, who provided significant Finish Reading

Best Trades in Atlanta Braves History: Omar Infante

Best Trades in Atlanta Braves History? Omar Infante. How good was Infante in a Braves uniform? The answer…very.

Over the last three decades of (mostly) excellence, the Braves have made ton of memorable trades, from franchise-altering trades like Doyle AlexanderFinish Reading

Braves One Year Wonder*: Kenny Lofton

* I’d say Braves One Year Wonder, Kenny Lofton, was about as good as he could have been, given the caveat that an asterisk is obviously needed.

Braves One Year Wonder, Kenny Lofton

Anyway, I’m sure some of you … Finish Reading

Keltner List: Brian McCann

Once a year, Mac used to write up a Keltner List for a retired Brave, as a way of debating whether he deserved to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It’s been several years since we’ve had one, but … Finish Reading