Keltner List: Brian McCann

Once a year, Mac used to write up a Keltner List for a retired Brave, as a way of debating whether he deserved to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It’s been several years since we’ve had one, but the recently retired Brian McCann deserves to have his candidacy seriously considered. Here’s Mac’s standard … Continue reading “Keltner List: Brian McCann”

AA Was Right and I Was Wrong: The Division-Winning 2019 Braves

(Ed. note: yesterday was dumb and there’s your recap.) I’ve been cranky almost all of 2019. I was ecstatic when Alex Anthopoulos was hired and excited when he brought in Josh Donaldson on a one-year deal last winter. But as the calendar turned from 2018 to 2019 and no additional moves came, I soured. Hard. … Continue reading “AA Was Right and I Was Wrong: The Division-Winning 2019 Braves”

The Underappreciation of Julio Teheran

So, because the offense is playing like dog poop right now, I thought I’d run some numbers on Julio Teheran, who seems to be almost equally underappreciated by Braves fans and non-Braves fans. Since his rookie season in 2013, he has made 211 starts, fourth-most in baseball behind only Max Scherzer, Jose Quintana, and Jon … Continue reading “The Underappreciation of Julio Teheran”

Josh Donaldson

A long time ago, whenever Tim Hudson was having an Episode, Mac Thomason would say, “Never, never trust an Auburn Tiger.” You couldn’t quite take it literally — even though he did it enough that Mac literally added it to the Glossary, Huddy retired with 1573 innings pitched in a Braves uniform with an overall 115 … Continue reading “Josh Donaldson”

Unit Recap — The Staff

There is a proverb that goes like this: Rabbi Simcha Bunim taught that every person should carry two pieces of paper, one in each pocket: in one pocket “For me the world was created.” and in the other “I am but dust and ashes.” When we have moments of self loathing take out the first; … Continue reading “Unit Recap — The Staff”

Kevin Gausman

The newest Brave, Kevin Gausman, is the biggest acquisition of Alex Anthopoulos’s brief Braves tenure, and I’m excited. Really excited. The reason I was so thrilled the Braves hired Anthopoulos was precisely the potential for trades like this — trading excess value for medium-risk high-reward major league talent. The risk is that Gausman is never becomes … Continue reading “Kevin Gausman”

Please Welcome the New Editor of Braves Journal: Rob Cope

I wanted to announce some news: I am stepping down as editor of Braves Journal, and Rob Cope will be taking over, effective immediately. I’ve been largely absent from the site this year, as I just haven’t had the time to give to the site that I should. And Braves Journal deserves an editor who … Continue reading “Please Welcome the New Editor of Braves Journal: Rob Cope”

Scott Kazmir

It seems like he’s been around since the Hoover administration, but the baby-faced lefty who Jim Duquette traded for Victor Zambrano is still only 33. (I swear I thought it was Steve Phillips, but Mr. Google tells me I’m wrong.) For the last three years, according to Similarity Scores, his most similar pitcher by age … Continue reading “Scott Kazmir”

Retrosheet needs help! Got any Launching Pad scorebooks from the ’70s?

Related to my comment @37 in the previous thread, I got a few emails from Jay Wigley of Retrosheet, who asks for our help: I wonder if you’ve ever asked that community (your readers, other Braves fan contacts) whether they have any early 70’s scorecards or scorebooks with scores games in them? I’m a sometime-volunteer … Continue reading “Retrosheet needs help! Got any Launching Pad scorebooks from the ’70s?”