Braves 5, Brewers 4 — Into the West We Go

There is an old Soviet joke my father and I have loved for many decades. It goes as follows (I will attempt to abbreviate):

Leonid Brezhnev wakes up in the morning, looks out his bedroom window, and sees the rising … Finish Reading

Braves and Antacid Manufacturers 2, Phillies 1

Charlie Morton and Zach Wheeler were as advertised. Will Smith was (nearly) as feared. The slightly better team won by just enough. What are you expecting, a detailed recap of a seven-hit game?

If I were JonathanF, of course, I’d … Finish Reading

Dodgers 3, Braves 2, but the only thing that matters is Ozzie’s okay

Last night’s game was too late and it apparently involved Luke Jackson coughing up the lead after I went to bed. Whatever. The only thing that really mattered in the game is Ozzie fouled a ball off his kneecap and … Finish Reading