Game Thread: Braves vs. Phillies, 4:05pm ET (Morton v. Wheeler)

The Philadelphia Phillies are, for the moment, above .500. Historically, that’s rather unusual. Over their 139 seasons of major league history, the Phillies are 9854-11032, good for a .472 winning percentage — the equivalent of a 76-win season, every year, … Finish Reading

2020 Atlanta Braves Player Review: Max Fried 2020 Topps Opening Day #42 Max Fried Atlanta Braves Baseball  Card: Collectibles & Fine Art

I do not, admittedly, have anything quite as extraordinary to offer the Braves as the curveball, or the fastball, or the veteran poise, or the quiet confidence, or any of the myriad other qualities that Bethany’s husband brings to Atlanta. … Finish Reading

2020 Atlanta Braves Player Review: Travis d’Arnaud 2020 Topps #436 Travis d'Arnaud Atlanta Braves MLB Baseball  Trading Card: Collectibles & Fine Art

Travis d’Arnaud was so good last year that it was a little hard to remember that that was basically exactly how good he was supposed to be.

It also may have been hard to remember that his nickname, according … Finish Reading

Braves 2020 Player Review: Ian Anderson

Whence and whither our American Ian Anderson?

As to the former, I wrote this a couple of weeks ago:

Anderson blazed through the minors like the second coming of Soroka — indeed, his prospect

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