Braves 7, Astros 0. World Champions Once More.

We’re lucky.

That word means a lot of different things in baseball. It might mean we got a generous or undeserved call from the umpires, like Max’s strike three against Alex Bregman in the fifth. It could mean that the … Finish Reading

Braves 5, Brewers 4 — Into the West We Go

There is an old Soviet joke my father and I have loved for many decades. It goes as follows (I will attempt to abbreviate):

Leonid Brezhnev wakes up in the morning, looks out his bedroom window, and sees the rising … Finish Reading

Braves and Antacid Manufacturers 2, Phillies 1

Charlie Morton and Zach Wheeler were as advertised. Will Smith was (nearly) as feared. The slightly better team won by just enough. What are you expecting, a detailed recap of a seven-hit game?

If I were JonathanF, of course, I’d … Finish Reading