Positional Case Study: Atlanta Braves Second Basemen, 1979-2019

If you’ve read my work at other sites, I’ve written periodic “positional case studies,” looking at how various clubs have staffed a particular position over multi-decade time spans, revealing interesting trends. Here are the ones I’ve done so far:

  • May
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Best Trades in Atlanta Braves History: Omar Infante

Best Trades in Atlanta Braves History? Omar Infante. How good was Infante in a Braves uniform? The answer…very.

Over the last three decades of (mostly) excellence, the Braves have made ton of memorable trades, from franchise-altering trades like Doyle AlexanderFinish Reading

AA Was Right and I Was Wrong: The Division-Winning 2019 Braves

(Ed. note: yesterday was dumb and there’s your recap.)

I’ve been cranky almost all of 2019.

I was ecstatic when Alex Anthopoulos was hired and excited when he brought in Josh Donaldson on a one-year deal last winter. But as … Finish Reading