10 for ’00’s — The 2009 Atlanta Braves Season

For the first time in almost two decades, the Atlanta Braves were facing a legitimate rebuild. 

The 2008 squad finished the season 72-90, the first 90-loss season for the club since 1990. The optimism of the “Baby Braves” from 2005 … Finish Reading

Braves 2020 Player Review: Mike Soroka

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Mike Soroka…Oh, what could have been.

It’s really all you can think about when it comes to Mike Soroka’s 2020 season, and in a larger context the 2020 season as a whole. The further … Finish Reading

NLCS Game 5: Dodgers Extend Series With 7-3 Win; Now What?

You can spin this however you want it. Actually, you can spin it however your brain will allow you to. That might be a more accurate depiction of the situation. 

For almost the entire postseason, there has been nothing but … Finish Reading