Braves Sweep Marlins in Doubleheader (by braves14)

The Braves gained a half game on the Mets, moving to 5.5 GB, and gained on their wild card lead with a doubleheader sweep of the Marlins Saturday.

In Game 1, Kyle Muller was recalled from Triple A and threw 51 strikes in 73 pitches. He went 5 innings, allowing 2 runs on 3 hits, 2 walks, and 5 strikeouts. Chadwick Tromp got the start at catcher and had a big game, going 3 for 4 with 2 doubles including a bases loaded double that scored 2 runs in the third inning. Matt Olson homered for the third consecutive game. Jackson Stevens, Raisel Iglesias, and Kenley Jansen combined to shut down the Marlins for the rest of the game. The final score was 5-2 in favor of the Braves.

In Game 2, Ian Anderson was appointed as the extra player on the roster and got the start. He pitched well, going 6 innings allowing 2 runs on 5 hits, 2 walks, 4 strikeouts, and a solo homer given up to Jesus Aguilar. Ronald Acuna Jr. led off the game with his tenth homer, but had to leave the game late as his surgically repaired knee was sore and is listed as day to day. Vaughn Grissom went 2 for 4 with a monster 2 run homer and doubled. Matt Olson homered again for the third consecutive game and now has 24 on the season. Dylan Lee pitched 2 strong innings in relief. Kirby Yates tried to finish, but struggled for the second consecutive outing walking 2 out of 3 men he faced, and Raisel Iglesias had to come in to close it out. The Braves came out with the 6-2 victory.

Bryce Elder has been called up to pitch the series finale against Braxton Garrett this afternoon as the Braves go for the 4 game sweep.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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73 thoughts on “Braves Sweep Marlins in Doubleheader (by braves14)”

  1. I remember thinking the Braves had been lucky on the SP injury front. Apart from cycling through 5th starters, none of the regulars had missed time. I really Wright won’t need too much time off. Time to see how well these young arms can hold up in a pennant race.

  2. Elder ??? really ..that is our best option ??? I think we could have done better with giving another youngster like Darius Vines a try .. guess he would have to be added to the 40 man .. but then again its becoming apparent Elder dont have it .. so swap them on the 40 man think Elder would get picked up .. ?? NOPE

  3. Well after looking at stats from AAA and AA ..we are bare bones in minors for pitching .. very bad .. if only Ynoa hadnt punched the wall and broke hand ..he was dealing but he has given up 15 HR in 70 innings this year ..yikes .. Shuster has gone down hill since move to AAA , Vines has done fair ,Tarnok has given up a ton of HRs too … so looks we ride with who ever is hot from the minors .. Elder is not hot but i guess cause he is on the 40 man he was the choice ..Tarnok is on 40 .. i would have leaned giving him a try .. roll the dice I guess they said !!!

  4. Elder would be claimed be fore the ink dried on dfa. Do try to put a little thought into the trolling.
    Tarnok threw 5 innings on Thursday.

  5. Thank you, Ryan.

    A win today would be a nice way to begin this week. I presume we will see their two aces. Will Fried be eligible/able to pitch? Will our starters throw strikes? Is all hope futile? Are we truly doomed?

    Scherzer’s lost before. So has DeGrom. Both will lose again. Someday. Why not now?

    Come on, boys. Get lucky.

  6. One of the things good teams do well is win the games they’re supposed to win against bad teams.

    But beating the hell out of the PURE EVIL Fish never really loses its savor. And Grissom and Harris are a hell of a bottom of the lineup, aren’t they?

  7. Acuna out of the lineup today. I’d be inclined to be really happy about that, but he seems to only leave the lineup when he’s injured.

    EDIT: Sorry, missed the game yesterday and didn’t read this recap. I’m a bad person.

  8. Elder is the #3 ranked prospect in our system. Vines is #10.

    They want to hold back Strider and Morton to pitch against the Mets.

  9. Has been a wonderful three days visiting dear friends in Miami. Early morning taking incredible pictures of sunrise over the Everglades. Seeing Atlanta beat the offense lacking Marlins at a beautiful ballpark. Winning a fourth is possible.
    Catching the Mets is not. The Braves can not match the Mets pitching. Harris and Grissom are a joy to watch. Relief pitchers walking batter is not.

  10. I’m reserving conclusions on the division until we see the Braves-Mets at home. The last series was on the road. Let’s see how we do at home. I had the feeling during the entire series that the order of at bats made a difference.

  11. Jeff: “Punch something to the right side and you get a free RBI.”

    Reality: “No, you don’t. Not even close.”

  12. Goes from a huge zone to a tight zone. It has been said many times…MLB umpires are the best advertisement robot umps could ask for

  13. Chip is just wrong that the top of the zone is an automatic strike? I’ve been watching for two innings and half the time the high end of the zone is a strike and half the time it’s not.

  14. @18, @20 and typically right after he says Elder hasn’t yet given up a hit, he gives up a hit

    And then another to give them a run

  15. Grissom now has a 1.236 OPS, which is definitely what we should expect him to hit his whole career

  16. Well, we just got a free out because of the terrible umpiring there. Dude walked twice and still managed to not get on base.

  17. I’ve about had it with our “killing lefties” meme. We have sucked against two lefties recently (Garrett and Peterson).

  18. 13 LOB will beat you every time .. the big guys Swanson, Riley and Olsen have left 10 men on base .. so that is story of game .. Marlins get a double and a single and they win .. wow

  19. @30

    You have this inane habit of forgetting the last crazy take you had when it turns out to be very wrong and moving right onto the next one, which is assuming this game is over seven innings in.

  20. Elder pitched his ass off … 10 strileouts .. we surely can get him a couple runs … need a flipping clutch hit ..

  21. @31 some people aren’t happy unless they are unhappy. Best thing you can do is ignore.

    Bryce Elder saying, “look at me Alex!”

    Let your nuts hang son!

  22. @34 .. just frustration ..not on the level of out 2, 3 and 4 hitters but still frustrated .. you see a guy throw like Elder .. gotta will a way

  23. The blind squirrel not only didn’t find a nut he never saw one to swing at. Maybe move him down a couple more spots to 11th or 12th in the lineup

  24. @38 .. Ozuna swings at balls 2 ft in front of plate and lets those on corner go by .. go figure

  25. What the heck are we paying all these guys for when a couple of rookies is all that’s required?

  26. Love this inning, but I hope Dansby’s blunder doesn’t come back to haunt us.

  27. 49 — Hopefully he just scraped up his leg. If he has to leave we’re looking at playing a non-infielder out of position.

  28. @51: Looked more to me like he tweaked an ankle on the slide. But he’s young.

    Also: the Marlins could easily have thrown out Olson at third, although that pretty much would have guaranteed the run would score. But it would have ended the inning and saved one run…

  29. Jansen actually appears sharper today on his 3rd consecutive day.

    I wonder if Kenley balked on purpose. Keeps the runner from stealing signs.

  30. The Braves are such an exciting team. Great win today. Now bring on the Mets.

    @57 That is amazing.

  31. @55 – I thought same thing. Winning makes it all feel better!

    Braves now 63-30 at Loan Depot Park LOL!

    How’d you like to be the Marlins? 29th year of existence. Only three postseason trips. Two World Titles, last one almost 20 years ago, no division titles, new ish ballpark but no one comes to watch and no one cares you suck.

    They had 7,300 people at the first game of the DH yesterday.

    We Braves fans got it goooooooood! (Except…..Chip. If that’s what we have to pay back for our good fortune, I’ll take it!)

  32. The Marlins have given up, but Elder had a great day. He’s pretty uninspiring, but you pretty much need 6 starting pitchers with all these double headers, and he’s about as good as a 6th starter as you’re gonna get.

    We’ve won 6 straight after that Mets debacle. If we could somehow win 3 of 4…

  33. The Mets pitching is very good.
    The Marlins hitting is very bad.
    The Marlins pitching while not equal to the Mets is good.
    A four game sweep is excellent, as are the sandwiches at La Sandwicherie brickell.
    Might catch the end of the Women’s USGA Amateur Championship.
    Canada vs Japan.
    Now we will see what the Braves are made of. La Sandwicherie 4.7 or Taco Bell 2.8.

  34. I just saw Grissom’s ninth inning at-bat. That’s some “my God, a freshman” level of veteran poise.

    These Baby Braves are something else, aren’t they?

  35. Marlins score 8 runs in 4 games… win zero.

    Phillies score 2 runs in 3 games… win one. (They’ve actually been shut out in 3 of their last 4 games.)

    Hey, consider us lucky — we picked up a game and a half… time to pick up more ground.

  36. Mets are coming. Remember you asked for it. Baba wins 11/9. Not that Baba.
    No one ask for this, but what the heck.
    Down and back were bands known by letters and numbers. CSN, CSNY, REM, U-2, RATM, RTJ, CCR, UB40, ELP, AC/DC, ELO, UB40, ABBA (just kidding).
    One final thought, a split is expected. Three of four would be most encouraging.
    A sweep, never happening. But lets enjoy all four games. See how the amazing young men do. So far they have been better than anyone realistically expected.
    I assume their numbers match the visual.

  37. @70 well , I’ve been saying that I’ll believe in Soroka’s return when I see it. Guess it’s almost time to maybe possibly kinda believe.

    Braves have a winning streak because they beat teams they were supposed to beat. I’ll take it.

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